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  1. Who are the cameramen that go around taking photos of random people at the beach, etc.? You can always tell when the subject is caught unaware and the photo is taken from afar. I’ve always wondered. Is it a wee bit creepy or is there some innocent explaination for this?

    1. In the days of every phone with a ‘camera’ — and you ask such a silly question. Like it or not, humanity is now being surveilled to the extent of the non-imagination it’s so pervasive.

      Look, that guy behind you is pretending to look at his phone shoulder-level ……………… hmmmmmm, what’s he looking at with that phone so high?

  2. They’re the same people who come on here to look at the photos . . . just a bit more energetic and motivated.

    1. Apropos, when I lived in Rome, I would drive out to the beach at Ostia and when I saw a hot boy, I would sit a couple of yards behind him. Invariably, he would eventually get a hard-on and lift the waist of his bathing trunks to check it out. Ahhhh, small pleasures. I once watched three straight looking boys masturbate with one climbing on top of another. (This beside a food concession.). I thought about offering the third boy my help, but chickened out. They eventually went off to their changing cabin to complete the session.

  3. I’m leaving near the beach in Belgium. Today I saw two young boys walking hand in hand: for the first time ever. My heart was melting down…lucky bastards!

      1. well, in their early twenties, good looking, kinky and obviously happy together…and I waved to them to show them my sympathy!

      1. Sex at your age is like shooting pool with a rope.

        (Don’t worry – I’m getting there myself.)

  4. This picture is not of any one but as a model posing. Out of The orderly chaos at a beach, it is hard to photo specifics. There are 1000’s of sexy orderlynesses. Do know of few hard on pictures. Do witness some in real life. No pictures.

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