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  1. There is nothing more disgusting than a shaved pubic triangle. If I wanted to look at someone who appeared to be 10 years old, I’d be into 10-year-olds.

    1. If he looks 10 years old, I can’t wait to see him in adolescence. He’ll have to cover his dick in fabric and wear it up to his collar as a necktie.

      We grow hair all over our bodies – it’s the mammal thing to do. Some guys shave here or there. I don’t shave my pubes, my chest, my legs or my underarms, and I do get a haircut now and then. But I do shave my face. I know – not having a moustache or beard might make me look younger to you, but I think you can handle it.

    2. mfvb:

      And you’re trying to [LIE] tell us that you’ve NEVER received a haircut …. even the disgusting ones where they shave the sides of their head? Since you’ve been a child?

      Yeah, right. And I have a bridge to sell you in the Arizona desert.

      Some males and many females look absolutely disgusting when the allow their pubic hair to grow WILD including all around their buttocks and anus.

      If I wanted to be with someone who looks like a hairy primate [that we all came from], I’d be in some jungle with a spear. But, as evolution has it, we have a brain with facilities to reason with [at least most of us do].

      And, what about the NATURALLY hairless (or very nearly so) humanity throughout the world? You find them disgusting for NATURALLY looking “younger” throughout their lives?

      You’re an intellectual hypocrite unto yourself.

      1. Reread my post -I said I DO GET A HAIRCUT now and then. Patience and comprehension are your friends.

        While I prefer a male’s untrimmed pubic bush for its “toxic masculinity” I have no problem with naturally hairless, or even shaved boys. Never said I did. I also don’t care either way if a girl keeps her bush or has full Brazilian.

        Now that the hair issue is solved, tell me more about that bridge. My broker can’t find it on MLS.

        1. horsey:
          “Reread my post -I said I DO GET A HAIRCUT now and then. Patience and comprehension are your friends. ”

          Since WHEN did you CHANGE YOUR NAME? And what is it about comprehension you don’t quite understand.

          jesus, he really DID fuck up your brain. It’s past time you climb over that “fence” to the other side — we atheists really DO KNOW MORE than you “religious.”

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