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  1. This body needs some one[s] to subdue this person and take over this’ life. AND control this’ body. WHY ? SEX. Plus more SEX. And more SEX. Forget not regular SEX. MUST LOVE this fag, queer, or, what ever, meanwhile. MMM MMM GOOD. { BOIL and drain to make a HUMAN SYRUP. Remove bones and entrails and grind that for the dogs and cats. The remaining meats need be put in a chewer or meat grinder to make HUMAN PATTIES. Add patties to the syrup. We get an END UP to FUCK for sure. ) [ This kind of silliness demonstrates how crazy is this brain ! ] ha ha ha ha ha [ First hear this all in a bar 1998. ] FANTASY FUN !
    — ALL that to sing a song CRAZY, composer / singer Willie Nelson 1961. HEE cooks it all up !

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