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  1. What a gorgeous little stud. I’d like to see him in few years.

    Here’s a small film about a gay teen boy looking to be kissed. Look up Joshua and Harry on YouTube. Enjoy.

    1. This film has the cutest dance sequence on YouTube. (And the chastest kiss.) Notice how “Harry” screws up and sings”SHE’S just wild about me” the first time.

    1. I thought the same thing when I’d see classmates coming out of the shower with impressive stuff, then watch them pack it into jeans too small for them. Even my eyes would water at the thought They may have been trying to impress the ladies but they run the risk of reenacting the opening scene of “There’s Something About Mary.”

  2. The equipment of this little stud can be glimpsed, the problem is that the tight shorts do not allow it to show itself.
    In fact under a lot of thesis

  3. 😠Either some bad man stole dat cute boy’s bicycle seat or he’s a rough rider that don’t need no dang ole saddle to ride….

    1. To be honest, I’m guessing, but I think that may be a bike he only uses for doing “tricks” and “stunts”. LOL

  4. It’s a street trial bike. Often used seatless.
    And I hope he is truly skilled. There’s overwhelming beauty when athletes perform with intensity.
    (Far removed from the unwarranted base comments posted )

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