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  1. Making smoking cool again? This is totally unacceptable and gives a very wrong impression to the young people today. I hope this will be removed – there are many more better pics out there for sure.

      1. You are so right, Horsey!
        But it’s also true that sometimes, desire can be stopped short in its tracks.
        ….and that is true of this pic, for me….to whom this boy looks utterly undesirable, at every level…..all because of that filthy cigarette.

        My mind is not filled with lust but with the thought of stale, dirty breath yuck!! Everything about him; all of his juices; will have that horrible aroma.

        No Thanks.

  2. I agree with all the anti-smoking comments (as a long time ex-smoker).

    And his tummy? I’d call it an expanding tummy. There’s no definition between his chest and his tummy except for the nipples and navel.

  3. I agree with all the anti-smoking comments too, as a never smoked man.
    It’s a bad combination, a sweet boy with an ungraceful smell.
    I completely agree with Jamoo about kissing.

  4. — Please notice that he is NOT smoking.
    — Please notice that there is NO CLUE as to WHAT his mouth holds out for the flame. Can be tobacco, pot, or the one of several other drug smokes, or a mix. Heroin is now a make into a smoky, for example. So go you a figuring.
    — You want to appreciate and have acceptance of the sexual varieties. Many addicts, alcoholics too, figure a that a drug, or alcohol, IS their sex. Some few live into their nineties to so go to so a being. So go you a yoyo a figuring.

      1. — Am not of anger nor of hate for the odds and ends of sexual reality.
        — Do personally physically encounter several types of sexual interests. Am personally aware of other varieties. Not all of, but of many. Many do meet and can do nothing but realize as real.
        — Do encounter, on the street, in their face, and, they, in this face, others of what you are nothing of such aware of.
        — Do witness homeless dwellings and their basements and closets of such of oddities, so this can only run away.
        — “bla bla bla” this writer. Do know much more than you.

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