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  1. LOOK how handsome he is – he’s beyond merely cute. No androgeny here, he’s a perfectly masculine young man. And what a body – just the right amount of definition. You can see his Y and just try to not drool over all that creamy smooth unblemished and unpierced skin stretched tight over firm young muscles. He is neither soft or overly-buff. Not weak, but more than strong enough. Those wonderfully full lips were made for kissing and … cocksucking. (We can dream, can’t we?)

    Almost looks a little like Bieber before his descent into the dark side of tats.

  2. Is this a GIRL making her GIRL a BOY ? Or, making its GIRL in to a BOY ? How to know ?
    — You want a natural BOY but get a manufacture. Do you, COULD you, care ?
    — There is androgyny in or of various animals (some Frogs and Lizards, eg). Many Bugs and mammals in the wild (or, farm animals make into the wild) physically alter especially as food of need or from their over populating (the Locust phenomenon, eg). Owls, eg, become neuters. Are M /F homos a precurse or some defense against is such no mind can yet figure.
    — Am of opine that guys and girls like sex too much to care. Horny enough, who cares. Yet we know sailors and those they leave behind do no sex for years. PARADISE ISLAND [1930, 2009] is interesting. THE BLUE LAGOON [1980] has a two homos making a baby. Mere imaginates ? Or, horny prequests ?
    — OH ! Do like the picture guy’s looks but NOT his head hair style.
    — Some animals cocoon and others otherwisewise hibernate. Will ask first which ‘he’ ‘he’ prefers before, uh, any of that. ha ha ha

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