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  1. So cute. And, yes, definitely a small tummy.


    I’m curious if boys around his age intentionally wear their shorts at the level shown above — with many even lower — to tease the public — and who, exactly in that public?

    1. They deliberately wear them low, lower and lowest and even untied so that they can wash off. They are sensual and it is sensual. They wear them for themselves. They are oblivious in a sense about others out of their group. They don’t care about you or me, only their peers and themselves.

  2. Mouthwatering beauty. Imagine his expression being a show of curiosity, of interest, or even a flirtatious glance in response to your own, and he follows you into …….

  3. I would lead him by the hand to the security guard and tell him, ” I think he’s lost his Mummy”. Lol. I think he looks a young Harry Styles from One Direction.

  4. You didn’t like my previous comment. Why. I need to learn your limits. My nephew is 18 and would never go in the water. at a young age he almost droned. He is an Eagal Scount one of the reequipments is swimming a quter mile.

    1. Sorry I got prissy about not running my comment. I had the first one and I hoped he read it. It was taken down after four others were listed. I am very proud of the kid. His only shortcoming’s are he will not get his drivers permit. and he will not go into any water For details my nephew is 18 , A Eagle Scout and he completed his last year of high school and his first year of collage this past winter. My brother said the kid has tighter curls. A requiment for Eagle Scout is to swim 1/4 mile in open water. He got permission to double his community service in stead of the swim.

  5. I call this yummy tummy tuesday. I see his “tan” line is just a bit above the top of his current shorts, So it looks like that is his style of wearing them all the time. Maybe he slipped them down just a bit more to show his tan line, and to give me a heart attack. For what ever reason, he and the pic is cute AF.

  6. Tummy Tuesday *30 milkboys 2018-07-10 Tummy Tuesday …
    — This guy is obviously posing for this photo. He is not of some arbitrary photo.
    — He looks so cute. He is a MMmmFFff.
    — Why the photog wants him, and, he why participates, can not know here.
    — WANT a sending, C.O.D., to here, either, him (not the photog), or, the photos the photog hides from us. Will send back a pleasant thank you note either way.

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