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    1. Haircuts are fine also, they are fashionable in Europe at the moment, perhaps not yet reached USA.

      1. Ahh… ok

        The truth be known, these two would be cute no matter WHAT their hair looks like, and thanks for the fashion update.

        1. Ah ha… that’s what I thought, but who am I to argue with a Brit about fashionable hair styles.

          Thanks for confirming my suspicions though Hamster.

  1. I get the impression that the Milkboys posts are slowly getting worse and worse. This pic is nice, but is in terrible resolution, and somehow feels just like a fill-in. Some of the other pics are just the same: nothing special. You can see this reflected in the number of likes, which have also seen a decrease in terms of the general audience. Yet recently at least we’ve been seeing regular posts, where a couple of weeks ago it was ages between one and the other.

    I know there are a few of us who still hang around here because we are long time fans, but this site (*cough* Josh) should start taking in some new ideas or new people in its work team. Check out any boy-themed tumblr and you will realize that the content and the regularity of the posts are much more dynamic. Yes, Milkboys is special, but some change is always good, eh?

    Mucho amor desde México

    1. @Pat:
      “I get the impression that the Milkboys posts are slowly getting worse and worse.”

      I wouldn’t say “worse” but somewhat …. maybe stale? … and quite a few repeats as well. But, other than that, I can only agree with the rest of your comment. Hopefully, we’ll see some nice changes and nicer photos & videos.

      I’m sure most of the regulars and even quite a few of the “newbies” could provide some more “less stale” images to joshua to get things going in a slightly new direction.

  2. I think their haircuts are very nice …. I enjoy seeing longer hair on boys, particularly from 8 through about 26 years of age.

    They’re a damn site better looking than those very stupid looking “shaved sides (or more)” styles of haircuts (if you can actually call them “styles”).

  3. Great candid shot of two cute boys, thanks.

    I much prefer candid to posed when the boys are more natural. Like these two where the boy on the right was well aware of the camera as he flashed his tum ;-)

  4. Are these two guys in this picture actually guys ? Do figure that they are dick beings. If they become bed beings, with or with out dicks and, may be, more, offerings, then, they are sex beings. Fuck the his and her and he and she. Blinding orgasm cares not. Before and / or after, maybe but NOT during. If you like it and want to fuck with it, it is that and nothing else is of a more. Except after. ha ha. If you are neither a boy nor a girl, then, so what ? Play a game ? Fucking is oft nakedness and your gender is not relevant. Am not of the invent of this body nor of its sexual reactings. If you call this guy a coward and in the closet, you would be some what accurate. can not fuck a gender. Am able to fuck with a body do react sexually with.

    1. OH ! The hair cuts. Weez play with our hair 1000 different ways. PLAY. [ Try “PLAY WITH ME” song, EXTREME, 1980’s ]

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