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  1. Sure, let’s all pretend that it’s about the tummy.
    I mean… great tummy… but something else is peaking (or dare I say, poking) my attention.

    1. Wish every picture has a source , an origin, such as the original photographer, and, their comment, if any, as a permanent affix to the photo. 99% have none such. The pix are oft either non-associate or, if with any original ID, get a clipping off such sources / names. Some also get new ID’s from the purveyors. None such stops the wonderfulness of the picture if it is wonderful. [There is also the altering the photo.}
      — oH ! This photo is of a nice guy. ha ha ha His 2nd button is sticking out a bit.

  2. Very, very nice, indeed. Great total body. And my personal favorite: erections that stand UP.

    He is sooooo cute. I can’t help but wonder what his ancestry is: Latin, it appears as well as some English, but maybe some Asian as well? I could be way off, but whatever it is, it’s a wonderful blend at his age (as of this photo).

    He is the type of son a parent would want to take everywhere and show off (dressed, of course) — even brag about.

  3. Very nice physique with small and firm nipples. Straight cock and absolutely perfect erection

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