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  1. …. and verily I sayeth to thee, “god” took a rib from adam to “create” eve …….

    NOT from THIS chest!!! That’s blasphemy!!! Leave this torso alone just the way it is, thank you!

    And a damn cute face as well!

    1. Some god taking a rib to make a female is a way to say the god makes a joke (rib). That is a bad translate and a bad joke and am certain some of them do sway the they to do so translate it as so on purpose. . As the photo shows, it is absurd. A rib. Funny and …

    1. “With better posture he could look very good, but he looks used rather than proud.”

      Naw ….. he just has the look of “Another photo? Let me take a break first.”


      Does anyone know who this model is and hopefully a link for more photos?

  2. He’s wearing Hanes underwear so he’s probably a seppo and it’s a bad shop job to boot.

      1. No it doesn’t …. even if the face is somewhat “similar”, look at his EARS ….. totall different between the two. Ears are close to what a fingerprint is…. everyone has unique ears & lobes

        1. Certainly a Photoshop. Lighting on him a VERY different than what is on the wall. Two different directions. And it looks like resolution differences and other problems.

      2. Also, this boy is a lot better looking than Devon Sawa was (as in Wild America) and this boy has a better looking body as well — Devon was just a bit too skinny.

  3. Everyone is so quick to holler, “photoshopped!” So what? It would only be that way because of the background. It is very common to photograph a model against a “blue/green screen” just to juxtapose an “interesting background” after the photo shoot. Again, so what — it’s just a background. The boy and his body don’t at all look “photoshopped!”

  4. This boy he is cute I would love to get in his pants that sucks you know he had some nice butt I would love to give me some butt.

  5. This boy he is really cute, he has a nice body, I think he will be good for modeling, he’s cute, look at its body you can’t tell me you ain’t got a nice body because he does.

  6. Obviously a photo shop. (head / neck shadows and angles loo odd. The background is a prop.) He is here as a showing as a guy whore in a whores’ alleyway. As a street walker, never encounter such a nice body. (Face ? Yes.) … = F U N !

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