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  1. this young man is deserving of the title of best tummy I love his faint treasure trail, could I try to lick it off?

  2. Sorry, horse lips, but I think he IS too thin, verging on undernourished. I wonder where the picture was taken, who took it and what their motive was for taking it.

    1. “but I think he IS too thin, verging on undernourished.”

      Why? Do you see a pronounced ribcage? He’s fine, not even “skinny” — just very lean. I was very much like that at his age (well, not quite, as my mother was from the South — but very close).

      1. I agree with Horselips and Penboy as well. This teen has enough muscle tone to show that he’s not starved. But at his age, his body will grow in height more than fill out.

  3. It’s now Wednesday … so isn’t it time for a WOW Wednesday? A nice photo or video to … WOW us?

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