Tumblr was sold, porn ban stays

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Rumours about Tumblr being sold were making the rounds for a few months now and many people hoped that a new owner might get rid of the site’s dumb porn ban that effectively killed the platform.

Alas it wasn’t supposed to be. PornHub, who promised to undo the porn ban if they manage to buy tumblr, let us down. After driving Tumblr into the ground, Verizon just sold the site for peanuts to Automattic, the parent company of WordPress. And they’re keeping the porn ban in place so Tumblr’s days of being a haven for the queer community, nsfw content creators and fandoms are definitely over.

Mr. Mullenweg said his company intends to maintain the existing policy that bans adult content. He said he has long been a Tumblr user and sees the site as complementary to WordPress.com. “It’s just fun,” he said of Tumblr. “We’re not going to change any of that.” — Wall Street Journal

In a statement made up of words that definitely mean something, Verizon characterised its sale of Tumblr as “the culmination of a thoughtful, thorough and strategic process” and called Automattic “the perfect partner” which “will unlock new and exciting possibilities for Tumblr and its users.”


Update: Reportedly Verizon/Yahoo sold Tumblr for less than $3 million. We could have bought it with a GoFundMe. For comparison, Yahoo acquired Tumblr for $1.1 billion. Amazing how easy it is to burn a slick billion and destroy one of the biggest websites in the world just by banning porn.

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  1. What’s the problem of banning porn ? There are thousands of porn sides you can go to ? If you need inspirations, go over there.

  2. @ca07bb

    Who the fuck are you to tell me where to go if I want to see porn? Or, even worse, asking that dumb question about porn being a problem? The reason porn is under attack is because of some ass holes that believe they should impose their religious constipation.

    1. Sorry, what’s your problem ? If you want to see porn, go to porn sites. This doesn’t anything to do with religin or so. All porn sites show you blow jobs, ass ficking, between white and black men, torture, whatsoever you want. Or do you fear, you have to pay some money, if you want to see things like this on porn sites ? And tumblr offers this for free ?

      1. “This doesn’t anything to do with religin or so.”
        You’re so full of BULLSHIT — and not at all intelligent as well with regard to the English language.

        EVERYTHING negative regarding either nudity or sex stems from some idiotic religious person / their “interpretation” of that asinine bible or other “religious” text and/or religious influence. THIS IS A FACT. You’re just too stupid to understand this incredibly SIMPLE, PROVEN concept.

        1. beloved penboy – your comment is so polite. I could nohthing but laugh. you miss the point. Porn is porn. doesn’t matter whether it’s commercial or private porn. what’s the problem ? If you want private porn, open a website and encourage people to send private porn to your website. What’s the problem that tumblr wants to have their platform clean as there is other content. Also available from underage children. you want them to see porn ?

  3. “Also available from underage children. you want them to see porn?”

    Sorry, but this is such a non-argument. The porn on tumblr wasn’t any more or less accessible to children than the porn on porn-only-sites. Both have you opt in with a click (“This is 18+ only, are you 18 or older?”) and everyone knows that this isn’t going to deter a curious kid from clicking “yes”. The only way to protect a significant amount of children from “exposure” to online pornography are orwellian ID-only-measures (aka the UK approach).

    “If you want private porn, open a website and encourage people to send private porn to your website.”

    That’s exactly what many people did on tumblr. Then tumblr decided that they didn’t want to host this kind of content anymore (mostly because they didn’t want to dedicate resources to moderate it and keep CP off the platform). Doing so is their prerogative, nobody can force them to host porn – but it was kind of foreseeable that this would lead to a massive decline in their user base.

  4. What the F is porn mean, now a days, such that a … stop ! The anti-sex groups do this all. Go to some site, especially the imgsrc.ru sites, which have a take over your computer program which take some finesse to get out of but makes the site one wants a dead to the computer user. The two such interlopers am aware of do take overs claim they are Microsoft. Microsoft does nothing to stop them after repeating complaints. how much money will one pay for freedom ?

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