The queer communities harmed by Tumblr’s NSFW content ban

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On Monday, Tumblr announced that it will ban “adult content” from its social network starting December 17. But the ban will penalise the site’s thousands of LGBTQ artists, educators, sex workers and others fans as well.

Tumblr’s move was foreseeable: Last November, Apple briefly removed Tumblr from its App Store. This January, the US congressional Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) will hold websites liable for when users post any content seen as promoting sex work. Eager to avoid prosecution, Tumblr and other sites are purging all sexual content.

An estimated 20% of Tumblr’s current traffic comes from people seeking adult content. So Tumblr’s decision will make the site more advertiser friendly while effectively killing off one-fifth of its user base. Its automated system for detecting adult content is currently flagging pictures of sand dunes, women sitting on desks, wrestlers and other non-explicit content. Thus, it’s hassling far more than just posters of adult content.

While Tumblr may retain its large fandom and social justice communities who use it to connect and share artwork, the ban will harm user who’ve amassed hundreds of thousands of followers through a shared love of erotic art & images celebrating sexuality. Meanwhile the site will still allow posts glorifyig white supremacy. Here are five communities that’ll be most harmed by Tumblr’s adult content ban.

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  1. All good things come to an end. I’ve fallen foul of the bots many times but never posted a dick pic let alone any form of coitus, when I started the latest blog I had already decided it would be my last, so the unexplained, unwarranted, unwarned deletion last week only confirmed my decision.

    Some regulars on here followed me, so long, and thanks for all the fish.


  2. As I said in another thread, this is a golden opportunity for some capitalist shark to start a new social media site. Probably be best to do it from overseas to avoid America’s repressive attitude. The new site would be a monument to free speech, with absolutely minimal terms of use and no community standards.

  3. There is a network called mastodon social. I’ve seen some adult tumblrs moving there. all the others are going to twitter

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