Tumblr is dying. Fast.

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As meme historians know, the internet is for porn. This was especially true for Tumblr. A place that was there when the first generation grew up that never lived in a time without the the web being widely available. These kids turned Tumblr into a refuge where queerness, diversity and sexuality where celebrated, not shunned.

Then Tumblr got bought by Yahoo. Then Yahoo got bought by Verizon. And thus the fairy tale ended. In a desperate bid to squeeze more money out of the site, Tumblr’s corporate overlords tried to make it more “family” (read: advertiser) friendly. They banned pictures, gifs and videos containing nudity.

It was a fucking terrible idea for many different reasons. Not only for the users but also for Tumblr. Something everyone but Verizon knew and that becomes painfully obvious now.

The porn ban came into effect in December 2018. One month later Tumblr’s traffic went from 521 million monthly visits to 437 million, according to analytics site SimilarWeb. Another month later, in February, it went further down to 370 million visits. Which means Tumblr lost almost a third of its traffic in less then three months.

And it’s not just the numbers that speak volumes. Ask your friends if they’re still using the site. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone replying with more than a sigh. In my circle of friends Tumblr is considered dead.

I personally used Tumblr every single day for years to look for material for milkboys, I have about 150 Tumblr blogs in my feed reader but since the big purge in December only a handful of them are left still posting, most others got deleted by Tumblr or are abandoned by people who just don’t see any point in using a site that clearly doesn’t welcome them.

The internet is becoming a more hostile place towards queer people, sex workers and everyone who thinks sex isn’t the devil’s work. It’s going to be crucial that we make our voice heard before other social networks follow Tumblr’s example.

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  1. It’s difficult to know where to begin on this one.

    Tumblr was out there, but didn’t ask for any money. In a sense, we were taking them for a free ride. Not sure where their become came from – advertising? But presumably the site was profitable.

    And we all know what happens next. The site sells out to someone bigger, and the lucky person who started all off retires as a millionaire. The users? Well, they are the small fry.

    Often the shark who swallows up the minnow hasn’t a great deal of clue as to why the minnow had been so successful. They come at it from an entirely different point of view. Let’s make it more “family friendly”, they say, and in so doing, alienate a large number of the users. It always amuses me about the politicians go on about “tech monopolies”. These “tech monopolies” almost always, sooner or later, get it wrong. They crash and burn, and some young upstart comes along to take their place.

    To quote from Wikipedia: “According to Schumpeter, the “gale of creative destruction” describes the “process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one”

    1. “their become” = their income.
      Apologies. Voice dictation software followed by inadequate proofreading.

    2. London / Wall Street / et al types people never do predict nor can figure out nor can configure the REALITY of eight billion people in the world at one time. OH ? They conjure a massive terminature by way of dirty needles allowing diseae & AIDS, a practice going back to the doctors sent to Africa (and, more secretly, elsewheres) from the Crown of England. KILL THEM ALL is their fraudulous capitalism. … WEE of the eight billion are the NEW. Schumpeter and its formers are as new as slavery to death, murder, & exterminate for populate control … KILL THEM ALL is the fundament doctrine of them all. WORK TO THEIR DEATH is the fate for the others, as per doctrine. Karl Marx understands NOTHING of this. et al &c &c and &c.

  2. It’s just a matter of time before someone steps in to fill the void. Tumblr was hardly the first or best place people were posting their own content, it was just the most popular with young people.

  3. From half a billion hits where they weren’t selling ads to a third of a billion hits where they are (I dunno – haven’t been there in awhile.) isn’t a bad exchange. Those numbers are a first response to a change and could be expected.
    Six months from now, their visitations might be right back up where they were or even higher – or much, much lower and prompting yet another new policy change -who knows? Watch, wait and see.

  4. The anti-trafficking legislation brought upon us all but an unholy coalition of the right wing hypocrites and left-wing feminism-worshipping ideologues…

  5. Some tumblr accounts are easy to access and play with in the past. Now, it seems none are accessible, even the few really really likable for fags. So many sites the “they” delete and now we have a many no longer accessible. There are few sites like this which allow idiots to comment and let everyone see it all and comment as idiotically. For free. For now. uh oh.
    — Have to pay for this site. For this is an also example as a NOTHING is free but life and death ! ha ha ha 🍸♫♪☼♂ 🔥 🍸😏 🙈 … so, PAY ! ! !

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