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  1. The only way to treat these religious assholes is for [at least] 90% of all the members REMOVE ALL THEIR CONTENT AND DELETE THEIR ACCOUNTS.

    But, of course, damn few will actually have the balls to do this. And guess what? The religious-right and Tumblr wins.

  2. I know a lot of us are waiting for Cumblr or some other option to get its shit together, then we’ll delete.

  3. All kidding aside, if Tumblr survives this policy change, and even thrives, it won’t be long before the SHTF at Twitter. Banning NSFW content hasn’t hurt You Tube one bit. I have no idea what Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or the other social media biggies allow or don’t – I don’t go there, but I do know this sort of radical modesty tends to spread before it recedes. Look at boys’ underwear and swimsuits. We used to wear tighty-whiteys and speedos, now they wear boxers (WTF) and dress in layers for the pool.

    I say again this repressive nonsense is creating a golden opportunity for some enterprising gazillionaire to start the Next Big Thing in social media.

  4. Great video. Thanks.
    Yes, there is opportunity for the next “cumblr”. and Yes, it will be attacked, but so what.
    I once met one of the original “spam kings”. I have read articles about that industry but it brings it home when you meet a real person. Sending spam used to be legal. They saw an opportunity, figured out the business model, figured out the technology, I saw all that but didn’t pursue it. For an example that is not necessarily exactly correct, say there are advertisers who will pay $.001 per email to a verifiable address, millions of emails per day, you do the math. For the effectiveness of the ads, consult Edward Bernays’ “Propaganda” which was renamed to public relations or marketing. Yes, there are expenses but you do the math. Governments, isp’s and industries battled for years to stop it. Finally there were international agreements and laws against spam. When it was outlawed, my real person decided to get out with their money. They only did it for a few years but did very well. I have read articles about people who stayed in, lured by the money, but it is much like illegal drug trafficking in results, and they eventually got busted and did prison time.
    My point is someone will take the opportunity and make a lot of money and the platform will be there for at least a while. So don’t worry, I imagine there are already people ready to go online. If it hasn’t been done in a year, I’ll do it, but I am confident the consumer demand will be fulfilled already.

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