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  1. By NOW (2019), it should be commonplace to hear about and/or watch buds masturbate each other — even if they DON’T have cast on their arms/wrists/hands.

    Just check out the THOUSANDS of very interesting videos that show this (on a near-daily basis).

  2. From the elbow, it looks like Jack Dylan Grazer’s arm.
    And that other arm holding his hand looks furiously like Finn Wolfhard’s. ;)
    Both are returning in “It Chapter Two” that opens next month.

    This post and the Sporty Sunday post somehow both reminded me of the “Giant Little Ones” movie about these 2 friends with an unexpected twist near the end.

  3. The photo has nothing to do with masturbating. The photo ha nothing to do with buds masturbating. The photo is a create to make a theme to say that losing is not a loss from all. The picture is a create to say that we may be want to support those who are of injury.
    [ If this comes from a movie about gay masturbating, that movie is a zero as much as do see of it from an above link. ]

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