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  1. Troye has really long fingers. I wonder if everything else is to scale.

    Anyway, I understand that actors need to be made up for stage and screen, but aside from that, I still don’t like boys wearing makeup.

  2. if you got to see Troye ‘s”naked”e-mail shot though a wet t-shirt you should notice two things, he is circumcised and two, the tip of his dick doesn’t reach his belly button. That indicates the dick is at most 5 and a half inches long, which to me is perfect.

  3. I could watch Troye doing this sort of old shit all day long but can barely listen to him “sing” for a minute.
    Fun vid, cheers Josh.
    Of course his winky has been mutilated, he’s jewish, and if he’s only 5 inches, I bet he gets hard as an iron bar.

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