Troye’s Coming Out

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Born in Johannesburg, raised in Perth, Troye Sivan is the 21 year-old YouTuber turned pop favourite whose legendary Coming Out video has been watched over 8 million times.

His outspoken stance on issues of identity and sexuality has made him the voice of the internet generation – earning him a place on Time’s ’25 Most Influential Teens’ list in the process. In a video by i-D he spoke about the ‘efficiency’ of coming out online and how he got into the music business.

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  1. The voice the internet generation s not a title anyone should seek. It’s not radical to come out anymore so who cares.

  2. Hope you manage to sort out whatever is bothering you in your life chewie but snarky comments on the internet ain’t gonna do it. You just sound extremely bitter in all your comments and it’s not a cute look.

    1. He’s just an even further closeted gay — and he’ll be damned to admit that. I can only imagine what’s in his browser history — and let’s start with: milkboys – The QUEER Blog. I’m surprised he wrote THAT much — you know, one-handed with his other hand in his pants [if he’s wearing any] looking at all the boy pics in here

  3. Troye has almost 7 mil subscribers on youtube. Not as much as Bad Bunny but so what. Calling him the voice of the internet generation is marketing hype, like calling those 60’s bands supergroups, whatever. Just pop hype talk. He does do a lot of good in making visible lgbt so good for him.

    1. “like calling those 60’s bands supergroups,”

      Some of those bands WERE/ARE supergroups. And a damn sight better than the crap that’s been/being churned out since the ’90s — especially the CRAP and the screaming gospelized ones.

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