Troye Sivan goes Wild

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Released from the new EP under the same name, Wild comes following a hugely successful YouTube career and his TRXYE EP last year, gaining almost three million Twitter followers and over three and a half million YouTube subscribers in the process.

The electro-pop track follows a friendship between a younger Troye and what appears to be his best friend. As the story progresses, we jump between the friendship and the current Troye clinging onto this childhood boyfriend before ending as the duo kiss.

Wild is the first of three in his Blue Neighbourhood series. Fingers crossed we see more of the adorable couple in part two and three.


Tryoe a few years ago

Talking to Popjustice, Troye revealed that he’d like to work with Years & Years’ Olly Alexander: “I think we’d have to write something new. A nice pop ballad would be really good. A GAY BALLAD. There’s not many romantic male-on-male duets.”

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  1. Very beautiful. Art like this is leading the way toward acceptance and humanity. Unlike the visual and written pornography on line that humiliates and causes pain.

  2. This video brought me to tears because of what my childhood could have been had I been able to discover my real self. Way back when, catholics didn’t have homosexuals and those that were homosexual also went to that place that starts with an “h”. Right? Awesome video.

    Maybe I’ll add other comments later on.

  3. I believe Troye is actually looking better as he gets older. That video was great, the interaction between the two young boys was exactly what I had when I was around 10-11 years old with my next door neighbor. Thankfully no alcoholic fathers were involved though. I just hope that there’s not a sad ending to the final video in the trilogy but I suspect there’s going to be.

  4. Nice video but Ronan Parke he ain’t.

    As much as I adore Troye, his voice is weak and the autotuning really puts me off.

    I suppose as his audience are the barely pubescent fag hags that the internet has spawned, he’ll still make a fortune from it.

  5. Still going beautiful that Troye but I wouldn’t be able to pick him up and toss him around any more! He’s a much more worthy candidate than Bieber was. Interesting how hordes of young girls are attracted to feminine boys, up until the girl reaches a certain point, and then start needing a man. I’m sure there is something important in understanding why that is, to understanding the current morass we are in.

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