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Learning about the harmful messages of conversion therapy for the film Boy Erased led gay musician and actor Troye Sivan to imagine the effect on vulnerable young people, he said Thursday night on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

“When we arrived on set day one, they gave us the resources kids would typically get when they arrived at the [conversion therapy] camp, like actual printed-out resources,” Sivan told Colbert. These packets outlined the strict rules queer kids are given at the camps, including limited body contact as well as a mandatory dress code that required girls to carry purses and wear skirts while forbidding boys to wear tight-fitting clothes.

“I remember being so relieved when I came out to myself because I was like, OK, this is not something that I can change. It’s not something that I have to fight anymore,” Sivan said. This added a weight to learning that youth in “ex-gay” camps are told, “No, this is not you, you weren’t born like this. This is a God-shaped hole you are trying to fill with these homosexual tendencies,” he explained.

Filming Boy Erased caused the singer to imagine “being 15 again when I was sort of at my most vulnerable and having that put back on me, and being set up with that impossible task of trying to change this thing that is ultimately unchangeable.”

Sivan hopes parents see the film and learn that “your reaction to your kid coming out can really shape their lives.” Boy Erased will play at the Toronto International Film Festival Saturday and open in U.S. theaters November 2.

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  1. It took me until I was 30 before I finally gave up and admitted to myself that girls were not for me. And thereafter it was a case of low profile don’t express yourself. Lost a chance of a wonderful boyfriend and potential partner. He said ‘To hell with this. I’m out and to hell with everyone.’
    I said ‘I can’t’ … ‘My job and everything’ ‘Blah Blah Blah’

    So now he’s a highly successful senior lawyer. I still mess around with oil and shit from ugly countries with ugly people.

    I got married quite recently and more than thankful for a brilliant partner. But sometimes feel quite upset also occasionally exceedingly angry for lost decades.

    I somewhat started to look at Troy and how he is changing. I’ve been thinking too much bland fluff but for sure he’s one of us and definitely we all carry baggage.

    Society makes itself.
    So I’m fizzing at Americans and the way they are staggering along the cliff edge of decency. Step back guys.
    America is huge and powerful. Europe is bigger but disjointed. So, in Europe we need America on board too. Else the progress made towards a wholesome, inclusive, decent and caring way of life for all of us can too easily be screwed up again.

    Life goes on against gravity. It takes work to make things better. It’s no effort at all to go downwards with self righteous bitterness and animosity.

    1. “America is huge and powerful. Europe is bigger but disjointed. So, in Europe we need America on board too.

      Don’t for a minute think we Americans can be and/or do much without Europe’s support as well. And since WWII, you can add areas of Asia (principally Japan).

      And in that light, as soon as we get RID of the MORON in our esteemed White House (and after mass fumigation), we will be back on track with the world with climate change as well as social norms.

      1. I set my thermostat to be cool in summer and warm in winter. I burn real wood in my fireplaces, and either real mesquite logs or charcoal in my BBQ. (I hate gas BBQs). I eat a lot of meat. I use a lot of water – I prefer bubble baths to showers. I drive a big, heavy, luxury car (classic Lincoln) powered by a real Cobra block V8 engine. I don’t recycle anything. I don’t separate my trash. I use plastic straws whenever I want. I leave the largest carbon footprint I can afford to.
        But I also do my part for the environment. Before anything can be recycled, it must have a first use, and for years now I have diligently tried to the first user of everything. It’s a dark and thankless job, but somebody has to do it.

        1. What was your point in that post — other than to prove you a bumbling, stupid idiot? You’re a fitting match for the MORON in our White House — nothing you’ve said along these lines has ever made any sense. Have you been taking the same meds as him?

          And take note — NOTHING you have EVER said about religion was even close to truthful FACTS. Face it — until you actually PRODUCE this infamous “god” you keep bellowing about, then you’ll ALWAYS look as a fucking DUFUS …. just like the idiot in our White House (and, of course, “next door”, Number One Observatory Circle).

          1. The point is to “trigger” liberals. Morons like horselips don’t have any thoughts or ideas of their own, so pissing other people off is a win for them. They lead sad, pathetic lives, filled with trying to make others feel as bad as they do.

          1. I simply, and sarcastically made the point that I am a denier of anthropogenic climate change.
            The Paris Accords were just a scam to redistribute the wealth of the USA to undeserving, hateful and greedy poorer countries. It was the worst arrangement since the UN’s bogus Law of the Sea treaty and attempt to force the USA into radical gun control with the Arms Trade Treaty. The UN is all socialism all the time and everything it does must be considered suspect.

            The UN official (Edenhofer) admitted years ago that “we de facto redistribute the world’s wealth through climate policy.”
            Other UN officials have echoed that admission.
            Despite withdrawing from Paris, the USA is already leading the world in reducing CO2 emissions – not through the tyranny of socialist regulation, but through capitalism and freedom, and without any dramatic increase in energy costs.

          2. Carbon emission reductions
            Statistics and damn lies?
            Well, bending numbers for sure.

            USA emissions reduced in line with shale gas replacing power production from coal. A happy beneficial occurrence and perhaps not much due to any policy for environmental protection.

            The USA remains way up there regarding emissions. Measuring reduction performance as a total quantity achieved does look good and I believe Europe, as a whole, achieved more. But look at percentages or per capita and you can paint a different picture.

            So — cut the crap.
            We are none of us perfect and the world is markedly poorer for it.

            What about irresponsibly disposed plastics? As I sit here and look out at acres upon acres of Dow Chemical.
            Feel good factor you?

    2. “What about irresponsibly disposed plastics?”

      That is taking a huge toll within our oceans, rivers and lakes. We’re very close to losing entire species because of it — and the majority of all of it comes from high production countries like USA, Japan, China.

      Gee, horsey, are you going to say that ISN’T man-made? I couldn’t find a single passage in that bible that states, ” ‘god’ said, let there be plastics in the water supplies and it is good — man should have dominions on all the plastics.”

      1. I live almost 500 miles from the nearest coast and can safely say I’ve never thrown any plastic into the ocean. However, if you have, then be a gentleman and clean up your act. There’s a good lad. Thanking you in advance…

  2. Most gay individuals, even in “liberal” countries, live as 2 people — the public persona and the private, gay persona. Even in these “liberal” countries, we still have to navigate around the religious-infused population, even if they are the ‘minority’ of the land. And this lasts through their entire lives, because even if one can “come out fully” to family, school and work, there’s still the “anonymous” public that either we don’t know if they accept, or we know they won’t accept unified individuals — even they (deep psychologically) don’t/won’t accept the reality (and to a much larger number than they want to accept) that so many humans are same-sex/gender inclined in any given society.

  3. Troye about Conversion Therapy milkboys 2018-09-08 Clips & Spots, Films, Films & Cinema … TROYE SIVAN …
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    — Upon seeing him off this video, do want him.
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    — Now do say do care not this person’s gender. Love his dick boyishness.

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