Trans Nightmares

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Transgender Europe, a Berlin-based organization working on inclusion of transgender people throughout Europe, recently released a powerful video as a part of their #TransNightmare campaign.

The video portrays the nightmare that transgender people still face today in 34 countries in Europe [PDF]. Prior to changing name or gender in official documents, people in these countries must undergo forced sterilization, file for divorce, and/or receive a diagnosis or psychiatric opinion.

Transgender Europe works to change the situation for transgender people by:

  • Campaigning: In 2014, they launched the Europe-wide Access All Areas! Recognition Opens Doors campaign, calling for quick, transparent and accessible legal gender recognition.
  • Educating: They publish and share information and campaign materials, like this video or the Trans Rights Europe Map, to raise awareness about the problems with legal gender recognition. Learn more.
  • Changing laws: They inform politicians and policy makers about the problems with legal gender recognition and work with them to create better laws in Europe. Learn more.
  • Supporting the trans community: They work with and train transgender organizations across Europe to help them create political change at the country level. Learn more.

Many transgender Americans face the same struggles. Right now 32 states lack explicit protections against workplace discrimination on the basis of gender identity. The levels of violence and harassment transgender people face in the United States constitute a national crisis.

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  1. A very long time ago, I read a scifi book from Les Editions du Fleuve Noir. I wish I could remember the title but it was about slaves you could buy. You could do with them as you wish. Anything. They also had a strange particularity, they were blue! But, best of all, they were synthetics. Non human. Disposable. The problem was that no one knew who had created them or where they came from. So someone decided to find out. They were true humans, captured and injected with something that made them turn their skin blue.

    The point? As long as we demonize or better yet dehumanize “some” people then it is perfectly acceptable to inflict upon “some” people any horror we wish to inflict upon them. Gays, transgenders, wrong colour, wrong ideology or religion, what ever, they aren’t human, right? They don’t fit the normality mould right?

    1. @Old Dan:

      You’re right in that second paragraph. But as you’ve seen, it’s an incredibly slow process to “break away” from those religious molds. We’ve just barely scratched the surface with some of society’s acceptance with gays. We [USA] are now still in the process of getting our Supreme Court to recognize same-sex marriage [We’ll find out on June 30.]. What you’re asking with the recognition of transgenders, unfortunately, is still a few miles down the road past the next fork.

  2. I still do not understand trans-gender nor trans-sexual. The gay and lesbian ‘alliances’ with bi-sexuality I DO understand. BUT ==>The gay and lesbian and bi-sexual ‘alliances’ with trans-sexuality is too weird and I DO NOT AT ALL UNDERSTAND ANY OF IT AT ALL. … It may be just me or a just-only me but I do not get it. I do not get it at all. I DO NOT FEEL I AM A MALE. I SIMPLY HAVE CERTAIN GENITALIA. I LIVE WITH IT. I like or do not like anything as it is but I live and work with such, whatever, creating successful orgasmic generation as I can do being the purpose. However weirdly. I might just cut any thing or ‘stuff’ off , or around, to be some ‘other’, as voluntary eunuch’s do. But to say I ‘feel’ I am a female is another matter. Sorry. I just do not believe in the trans gender ‘thing’ as other than eunuch making. Females to males makes as much sense to me as dogs to cats and vv. Males to females, ditto. I figure it a fraud. Start to finish. I have no real ‘sorry’ about it. Forced eunuchs confess that they are [were] as a MALE, and I know no other confessions, hetero, homo, nor otherwise.

  3. @Gads;d

    A eunuch is a man that has been deprived of his testicles. He has been made sterile so that he can be used in a harem to please the women in that harem. That man is most usually heterosexual. So, in this case it’s not about transgenderism. He simply is turned into a sex toy.

    Now about not understanding. A 100% straight person can’t understand the attraction to same sex. It’s simply not in his personal makeup. It’s the same for a 100% homosexual person. He can’t understand the attraction to the opposite gender. Same reason as above. Yes, one can say there is some understanding but only by comparison, not by personal experience. That understanding is basically theoretical. Ideological? Hum, why not.

    Now some may feel to either add of correct me and that is fine by me but here is a more important point. You say you just don’t get it. Ok, but then you go on to call it a fraud. This is where I stop you, especially because of you comparing us to animals/nature. I know, you aren’t calling us animals. What you are saying is that you see nature as this wonderful clearly defined sex roles. Male/female and nothing else. You need to go out more, my friend. Sexual identity is one of the most fluid property you could ever in nature. Some have both sex, other can turn from male to female to male again as needed. Same sex relations is rife through out nature.

    You simply have been religiously programmed to believe that nature is strictly male/female. It isn’t. In fact it isn’t, even when studied scientifically. Biblical heterosexuality is a mental construct and nothing else.

    About not getting it.

    Gays, transgenders and the rest aren’t asking for your understanding. In fact they don’t care about understanding. Why? Because it’s like a white man that would refuse blacks around him because he can’t understand why blacks are black and would need to be black or understood. After all, wouldn’t it be better for them to be white? They are what they are and it is none of your business to understand. Your business is to simply accept them for who they are or at the very least for who they feel they are.

    While you say you don’t feel sorry I do feel sorry for you and your limited view of what makes a human being a human being.

    1. I don’t see what’s so difficult to understand. I know a boy that is a girl inside, but he really doesn’t mind having a penis, but others do –everyone is different, between the colors on the spectrum, there is nuance, there are people strung along every bit of that spectrum, it’s genuine, it’s real, and whether you ‘get’ it or not changes nothing, really. It’s disappointing when the misunderstood don’t understand, though. Try harder?

  4. BOY / GIRL / MAN / WOMAN is not a biological. You are not born one nor any other but are born some XX or XY thing. The rest comes later and later than you think, ha ha ha …
    — What does that singer say ? Waychyoo likeniss is THAT. And THAT is all there is. We be born a ONE or the OTHER. What we BECOME is ALL of ANOTHER.

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