How children became the target in a rightwing culture war over gender

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Medical treatment for transgender children is cautious and evidence-based, but the conservative reaction has become increasingly hysterical.

Evie is like many 14-year-old girls. After school she likes to hang out with her friends, or go home and watch Netflix. She says she would like to focus on her studies, but almost every day she has to fill out bullying reports.

At the age of nine she transitioned, saying she always knew she was a girl but was assigned male at birth. Almost one year ago she criticised the prime minister, Scott Morrison, on TV for a tweet complaining about “gender whisperers” in schools.

In August, Evie returned to high school in Melbourne after six weeks filming a new TV show, First Day, in which she plays a transgender teen in high school. Finishing work on the show and moving back to school has been challenging for Evie. The recent media coverage of trans issues hasn’t helped, she says.

Evie has had students using her pre-transition name (known as deadnaming) and asking why she is wearing girl’s clothes, or doesn’t use the boy’s bathroom. “Most [kids at school] go home and ask their parents about all this stuff and they come back with a negative reaction,” she says.

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  1. Whatever these transphobes say about transgender people does not hold any truth about transgenders, it only shows how bigoted and disrespectful and anti-science these people are. Sadly, their hate for transgender people is only one of the many flaws of their bitter mind. Emotions are a good thing, but you need mostly reason to obtain a fair and balanced judgment about anything.

  2. 😢Damn shame the way some people are,(kids included) but most probably she’ll still have to deal with this for a few more years.
    😊Wish her the best regardless…

  3. The right wing reaction is made far worse by one contingent of transgender-identified people who differ from other contingents of transgender people. Instead of explaining that trangender identity is rooted in intersex biology (brain structure, and sometimes even sex organs), some people are explaining that it is only based on identity. Who can blame the lesser-educated people from finding this (gender status based on identity) incomprehensible? Hence some people ask “why can’t I identify as a shoe if I want to?”

  4. Do go and look over every post on this site and re-read every comment. Yes ! Do !
    — Still can not figure out what gender is all about. No. Am not able to figure it out.
    — Years before do know about sex am able to figure out that Liberace is not normal. Enjoy the music and the gay way performances. Years later do come to understand that the sex as of theirs is not of this’s like.

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