Trans FAQ

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Riley Dennis made a neat Trans FAQ video that you can check out below if you ever had any questions about trans people or being trans.

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  1. you didn’t do the LGBTQ community a favour publishing this Video. He’s a man with extremely long hair. His face is completely male – as all “transwomen”. Nothing else. He thinks, that he has eaten a lot of truth with a big spoon. But he did not. Going a little into his YT-Videos you wil. l see, he’s a real a..hole. Women, not being “trans” or “non binary” have to be as “ciswomen”. Bullshit. Women are women. No additional adjectiv nessessary. And “transwomen” is incorrect. It has to be “trans-women”. WTF. I dont’ mind to communicate with gays, lesbians or transpeople. . But this type of “trans”, forget. A “trans-man” can go to a toilet for men in the closed up part. Same to “trans-woman”.This guy has no self confidence. therefore he is like this. There can be found also an online petition regarding him. The comments of gay and lesbian people show his face

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