Tom Daley makes Hot Cheesecake. Topless?

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No clue why Tom Daley is topless here while baking but we’ll take it because fuck yeah, cheesecake! (found by Manuel)


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  1. It’s nice to see him happy (and campy) instead of trying to hide himself since coming out gay.

  2. he made colab in this video with the famous youtuber “topless baker” when in Rome, do as the Romans do… ;) sadly the naked gay kitchen disappeared from youtube xD

  3. I wonder if he help his”bread” to rise. After all it’s the “staff” of life. lol.

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  4. I was very pleased to shake hands with Tom Daley at this year’s London Gay Pride March. A lovely young man.

  5. I don’t understand your point, Tom has been very open since coming out especially since his marriage.

    Just love the fact he is happily married and just love this video, the fact he is topless (with the YT topless chef) makes it all the sexier.

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