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  1. I’m impressed by this. I don’t always watch to the end. I watched this to the end. This gives me hope for the future, wrapped in the dread of my childhood, where I was one of the teenage boys I’m the park with thunder in his head, made to draw straight lines. Click my name and it will link to why this hit home with me

  2. A brilliantly done commentary on the public face and private demons we all deal with. Yeah, we’re all “normal” in front of others, (especially strangers we shouldn’t give a damn about) and either suffering or “deviant” behind closed doors.

    But what’s so deviant or unsettling about 2 guys in a mild PDA? Good question. And so is why am I still deep in the closet – back behind the old coats – and always will be? I dunno – maybe because my private life is exactly that – private, and not for public consumption.

    So, why do we care so much about what other people see and think about us? Are we scared they might be provoked to violence? Or making a scene? Or just expressing their disapproval with a smirk or scowl of disgust? Why are these strangers so important?

    Or are they? Maybe some of our private aspects are better left private, maybe not. We’re all individuals after all, and we each have to do what works for us. Questions …questions …questions …

  3. Really thought provoking love poem which real life people and scenes. Loved it and so true and most of us are just cowards.

    1. Not cowards
      More like keeping a calm life
      No-one needs daily confrontation with the self-righteous and the just plain nasty looking for any excuse to cause trouble.

      There’s nothing more distasteful in life than having any kind of dealing with a Scottish central belt wanker and believe you me there is an abundance of them.
      The worst genetic pool on the planet.

  4. Very good. Thanks for posting. The best line:
    See, normality is a crowd-source fantasy [or ‘fallacy’?].” (Brackets mine)

    I was hoping for America when same-sex marriage was legalized throughout, that we would finally move on to accepting same-sex romancing — through the ages — including the younger between 10-16 — to show their young crushes / romances / even best friends — in front of anyone and everyone to show their moments’ preference without being humiliated or degraded.

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