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In 4th grade our biology books told us that most boys experience their first ejaculation during a wet dream. We all thought that this must be some kind of legend because literally not a single one of the boys in my class ever had one of those mystical wet dreams, every one of us came the first time because we worked for it ;) But apparently some people have different experiences, let’s find out!

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      1. Kidding me? I graduated from Junior High with one very big arm which continued to grow until the end of my sophomore year in High School when I finally got a GF and started getting laid. Sadly, I was about 6 months behind my best friends.

        Dominic was literally the boy next door, and for about 2 years we were jerk-off & suck buddies. 1st Semester of our sophomore year he met a girl and they became a thing. He’d fuck her 3 or 4 times a week after school, and then come over to my house and let me smell his pussy-soaked dick, which I hungrily sucked clean. After I finally scored near the end of the school year, we only messed around rarely – we had sort of ‘graduated’ to girls.

  1. Because of the fear of touching myself instilled by my mother since I was around 7 years old (maybe even 6?), I very nearly never masturbated until after I turned 18. I experienced way too many wet dreams for a normal boy to have. And the fear extended through high school because I was in a very private, very religious [baptist] boarding school in Texas where there were 6 boys to a room (6 rooms to a dorm) and believe me, anything personal was “monitored.”

    In Texas, the very last thing a boy would even remotely “admit to” was any masturbation, any kind, at any time. This was no “joke”. Boys were strapped by the belt if discovered masturbating. You wouldn’t believe the sexual tension in atmospheres like that. What got me through this school was that it was all boys. :-) And, even though I very rarely masturbated, I managed to learn about other boys’ bodies, first hand. :-) I could write some very interesting stories about my experiences!

    But, for most normal boys who learn to masturbate by 11, 12 or 13 yo, then wet dreams becomes more of a joke to them. Good for them!

  2. I always think of wet dreams as a result of bad management in the care and maintenace department responsible for your sexual equipment.

  3. I was having wet dreams from late 12 to mid 13. What stopped them is I finally figured out the mechanics of jacking off. My first few orgasms where from a hand held shower. Then I finally figured out actually jacking off. I’ve read some surveys about older boys teaching younger ones how to jack off. I’m surprised at the number of comments along the lines of “Let them learn on their own!!” To this day I’m still pissed no one showed me so I was never able to experience dry cums. :(

    1. I always thought I had one, if not two, wasted years before I discovered how to have a wank. I ‘d have loved to have someone to teach me.

  4. Not exactly “never”, but that was the closest answer in the poll. Plenty of dreams, but I could count the “wet” ones on the fingers of my hand (yeah, the right one ;), and then, only as a teenager.

    Almost never had “morning woods” either, although it probably reflects on me, not on general malesexylogy.

    Lots of that “nifty” ( stuff is just science-fiction to me.
    OK, all of it, to tell the truth… ;)

    1. I started jacking off the day I was counting my fingers both hands in my pockets and realizing actually I got 11 of them
      the only straight thing I got is my dick!

      slappie wappie wankie 2017 to my MB friends

  5. I tended to have a wet dream at least once every few months for many years, even though I jacked off regularly. It wasn’t until I left for college that they subsided. Strangely even though I’m gay, I had many of those dreams were straight interactions.

  6. I worked out wanking at 13 when someone in sex ed class mentioned that “you can use your hand as a vagina”, how heteronormative; anyway, the implication was obvious to me, so I tried it as soon as I had a chance to find some privacy. It was nice, but I couldn’t orgasm.

    Later when I was 14 I was sort of fiddling with my Willy and got a sort of a shivver thing. I thought little of it and went about my day. Later it hit me, oh wow, maybe that was one of those orgasm things. I went right to somewhere private and tried wanking again and it worked! I had frequent dry orgasms for like another year then slowly started to cum a little clear, than cloudy liquid, now I make quite a large mess.

    I guess I was quite a late developer.

  7. JC
    Was the My space boy, Devon, one of the guys who did a Barbie/girl/boy youtube video that was posted here also? It was a few years ago and lots of youtube videos were done. But one showed up here a couple of times and Devon looks just like one of the cute guys who were in it.

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