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  1. Some boys are pretty hot when they’re shaved – others are nice just with a little trim. There is something refreshing about seeing a teen boy with a nice bush. Grown men – mid 20’s and up – are not boys and older guys with shaved packages just look a little like freaky big babies!

  2. I lost the pubes on one side from radiation treatments. Does that count for light trim?

  3. I’m 50 years old and a tad hairy all over so a complete shave would look ridiculous so I just keep my sack smooth and the pubes nice and short – no-one wants to be flossing with your pubes when giving a BJ.

  4. From what I’ve been seeing in porn for the last 20 years (or so), increasingly a lot more shave to varying degrees as time goes on — probably the influence of the Internet (porn). And to debunk what some may think, this is NOT an American “fad” — We (USA) simply copied what we’ve been seeing — could be from Eastern European / Russian porn — just like most other cultures. And I think it will be more permanent in cultures.

    Also, nice to see you doing more polls or anything to get some/more feedback.

  5. Hair down there is a source of excitement, never understood why people shave it, and even a trim can look wierd.

    1. Public hair is a clear signal of sexual maturity, and I find shaven genitals to be repulsive. It feels like a desperate attempt to appear younger.

    1. “Bush is Best !!”

      He was our worst President to date (said before our current election results).

        1. “How long do you think your Union will last ?”

          That’s truly your best question yet.

          I’m mildly shocked at just how stupid our populace truly is to elect this public idiot. But, then again, I underestimate just how stupid our religious right is. The primary reason he was elected is because of Pence, who they plan to get into the Oval Office as soon as possible (before his first term is completed) via:
          Resignation (a la Richard Nixon),
          Impeachment, or

          And, horsey, you have no defense for him.

  6. Well, by the numbers of this poll, shavers outnumber the “leave it alone” guys (as of this post).

    39% (shavers) to 37% (trimming, which is a lesser shave) and 23% (nothing).

  7. 🤔Damn, 1750 votes to shave or not shave our crotch’s and only a few comments…seems to be a heck of a lot of lurkers visiting milkboys but not many talkers, wonder why that is?
    Can’t be Penboy’s fault because he’s really been good lately.
    They must just be shy… That must be the reason there’s so few comments, thats so adorable! Come on guys Josh be bustin ass round here keeping milkboys up, lets get some chatter going😈!

    1. “Can’t be Penboy’s fault because he’s really been good lately.”

      1. It’s never my fault … and, 2. I’m always good.

  8. I’ve experimented with shaving my pubes all the way, but didn’t like the stubble effect when it grew back in. Itchy and uncomfortable.
    A trim once in a while feels neater to me. And my lover is appreciative of it too. Win all around.

    1. “but didn’t like the stubble effect when it grew back in. Itchy and uncomfortable.”

      There are many methods of shaving without those side effects. It’s all about learning how to do it properly.

  9. I actually like shaving down there, to a degree.
    Always keeping a (small) bush, otherwise, it looks weird.

  10. i sometime shave them completely but not everytime since it gets irritated everytime i shave them completely… i dont understand how ppl shave and doesnt get red dots etc.

    1. “i dont understand how ppl shave and doesnt get red dots etc.”

      It’s how you shave, not just whether you shave or not to get the irritations. Read up and/or watch videos on how to do it in the best, smooth way.

      If you use blades, start by using a fairly NEW and/or MULTI-blade razor to get all of it and keep it smooth. The lotions are great for keeping away the “red dots etc.” And first, do a small area to test how it will turn out.

      1. well… it doesnt get irritated at first 3 days… its good and when the hair starts growing it starts getting itchy and makes me want to scratch :D and undies rubs it and it gets red

  11. What’s rather funny is that for the ones who comment on “love the hair”, comparing their ideas to this poll, for those that “Nope, I keep it as it is”, their percentage is actually getting lower.

    It seems that what I said earlier is becoming more of a reality and a “norm.”

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