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  1. I voted “Nope…” for several reasons – I’m an only child so siblings weren’t an issue. (If I had a brother, I’m sure neither of us would’ve minded.) And while I was comfy in my body, at least back then, and more than eager to show it to any boy willing to show me his, my only audience at home would be my parents, and they were not of a naturist persuasion. I also didn’t need for them to think I was crazy. Now that I’m old, divorced, and with my kids grown and on their own, I live alone, and am usually nude at home, like right now.

    But when I was growing up, the real reason for familial modesty was the social contract in force at the time. It was a neo-Victorian time of public discretion and private debauchery . Sex education was in the gutter, right where it belonged. Unless you were having sex, one only exposed himself to others of his gender in communal situations like locker rooms, or YMCA pools (in the 1960s the YMCA required males to skinnydip – no swim suits allowed). And if you were sexually active, you only told your closest friends, insisting on the strictest confidence. And then came …

    Woodstock. After that, as they sarcastically say, if you remember the 1960s, you weren’t there. Hitch-hiking was still popular and safe, and lots of us kids with cars had stickers on our passenger side windows that read, “Gas, Grass or Ass – Nobody Rides Free” Those were the days, not just for what we did, but for how we felt. It was revolution – political, cultural, sexual, musical – and there hasn’t been anything like it since.

    Like most senior citizens, I often lament growing old and wishing I were young again, and then, I come to my senses, and realize I lived in the very best of times.

  2. Great pic! Also, nice to see more reasons for some feedback, and the poll idea is good … hopefully, more polls to come.

    After this election cycle, polls have become second nature for us now.

  3. You’re missing one. At the end you have ‘I used to mind, but I’m getting too old for modesty’. You need, ‘I used to not mind, but I’m getting too old to want to subject anyone to this’.

    Every study I’ve seen on the subject shows that kids who grow up in clothing-optional settings, nudists and naturists and the like (is there a difference?) tend to be much more well adjusted sexually and have far fewer instances of sexual abuse, teen pregnancy and STDs. I suppose a lot of our initial sexual encounters as kids are based on simple curiosity. What’s under all those clothes? As the activities which allow you to answer that question are invariably sexual, it leads to the negative results above. Those who grow up without any need to ask that question tend to wait until later for the risky behavior, when they are able to make more informed and safer choices.

    Personally, I grew up in a household where it wasn’t all that unusual to see my mom half naked in the house, but we kids were made to feel uncomfortable even being seen in our underwear. At 17 I joined the Army and encountered my first nude beach. I guess I rebelled, and I spent many years afterward, if not an actual nudist, then at least a naked around the house kind of guy, and if others saw me, or dropped by unannounced (sorry Jehovah’s Witnesses) well, then they saw what they saw. It was my house after all.

    Now? Even I don’t want to see it now, so it’s shorts all the time.

  4. there used to be a clip on this blog (in a previous incarnation) of an episode from “the war at home” where the dad cures his son’s desire for home nudity by going around naked himself, which the teen fervently objects to :)

  5. Is there some body (…) out there who can explain why we couldn’t show the way we were made? what is more natural? since we all love nature so much? WWF, Greenpeace, Al Gore, Save the damn Planet… aso, aso?

    1. Good question. I don’t know the answer. Before I reached puberty I didn’t care if my parents or siblings saw me naked. I didn’t even think about being naked when I got out of the shower. I walked around in my briefs. So what? I didn’t care. But once I hit puberty and began to cum when I masturbated, I became super self-conscious. It seems silly now but that was the way it was.

  6. Hilarious clip Devil, liked the testimonies HL & Wolfboi
    That guy standing up is soooo hot!

  7. Are they supposed to be siblings in the photo? They don’t look like siblings.

    Are we supposed to be against brothers being nude together even during, after puberty?

    1. It’s a poll. You’re not “supposed to be against” anything, only share your feelings on the subject.

      For example, I chose “I wouldn’t mind, but they’d think I’m crazy”. I doubt they’d think I was actually crazy, but it’s just not something my family would do. I can remember showering with my parents as a small child, but that’s about the extent of it. During camping, backpacking trips etc changing and showering and what not were always private affairs.

      I think I’d really like to try nudism/naturism. I’m a reasonably young guy, with a lot of self image issues (I’m overweight among other things) and I think hanging out with other people in a non-judgmental, non-sexual environment would be nice. Unfortunately there is a bit of a stigma, I think, with single males at nudist locales. I wouldn’t even know how to “start”. If I ever have kids, nudism/nudity will be encouraged, because I think it will increase confidence in them. I’ve gone through my life mostly ashamed of what I look like naked.

      1. “You’re not ‘supposed to be against’ anything, only share your feelings on the subject. It’s a poll.” [I reversed this for a reason.]

        Most people know … or SHOULD KNOW … that 99% of all polls have or show an intent — usually a politically correct one.

        1. You’re probably a lot of fun at parties. lol

          I suppose if you want to view a fun little poll on a blog with the same veracity you would a scientific political poll then that’s on you. I see no, and took no, agenda from the poll. It’s a simple straight forward question, and the poll responses show no judgement. I greatly enjoyed thinking about it, remembering my childhood (where I was more than happy to get naked in front of friends) and contrasting it to highschool/college and now.

  8. A few years ago the standing boy could have been me and the sitting boy could have been my best friend. He was gay and I went through a period when I thought I was gay because I spent all my free time with him and he was my first sex partner. But later I had my first girlfriend and realized I was not strictly gay, it was just that my boy friend and I loved each other. I hate labels for this reason. I’m not straight or gay, there are just some people I love, most of all my younger friend and my girlfriend. Although I admit I will never be quite as close to my girlfriend as I am to my boy friend. By the way even though I was almost two years older he was much more wise and mature than I am even now. So again I hate ageism labels. By the way can you guess who is the top guy, me or my boy friend? He was, although sometimes he wanted to bottom for me. But I liked it most the other way. This photo reminds me of him so much. He had that same expression. Sorry if I mix past and present tense. Time loses meaning for me when I think of him. :)

    Almost forget to answer about nudity. I never liked being naked at home after age ten when my parents or siblings were around. But when it was just me and my friend over at his place, even if his mom or older sister were there, we would enjoy being naked. Too bad, I guess I did not feel comfortable around my parents or my siblings. I did not feel comfortable being around my friend’s dad either, he always stared at me. So I guess it depends on the situation. Basically I’m very shy but I enjoy being naked around some people who I trust.

  9. Since I was raised in a nudist household by a nudist mother along with sibling (of both sexes), it really did not bother me in the least

  10. I don’t know if I would feel comfortable letting mine family member to see me naked I don’t mind other people to see me naked it all depends on who it’s not funny I will not mind if a girl or boy to see you that way I had some girlfriends and what’s a little older but I don’t mine for her to see me or in school and taking showers with other boys I didn’t mind getting undressed and take showers with them it’s not something how we don’t mind at those times but something people would do but I guess it’s not for everyone to see

  11. This guy that is naked he looks good naked he has a nice butt, this boy that is setting down I think he’s cute he looks disgusted I want he seeing, I guess if I seen a family member naked I believe I would feel the same way, I love to see a boy naked or a guy, I am used to it anyways, in gym I love to play what these boys, or I should say I love playing with these boys when we are in the shower I always look at their butt in their penis it just comes automatic for me, but the other boys do the same as well, you know once you think about it if you happen to be looking like I do at there privates it doesn’t mean that you’re gay, what makes you gay is having attraction for the same sex, if you have attraction for both sexist then that means you’re bisexual, but either way it doesn’t matter, if you are living a gay life, it’s a abomination to God, God says nothing that works abomination will not inter heaven, two me there is nothing or nobody that is worth it, because the next life is forever, if you are gay and it bothers you a lot, I’ll tell you what you can do, first you have to except yourself of Who You Are so you can be free, bye not accepting yourself you’re trapped in the closet, the only way to free Yourself is to accept who you are, number two having God change you through his word, accepting Jesus ask him to forgive you from your sins and tell him you accept him to be Lord savior help your life ask him to come to your heart, it doesn’t mean that you would be 100% change, you would still feel attraction for the same sex, but getting closer to God helps you have less desires for any sin, God would change you, you will live happier life I promise.

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