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  1. J-Pop, K-Pop, T-Pop ….. all that’s left now is P-Pop (or F-Pop) for the Pilipinos (Filipinos) — they’ve always been great imitator bands.

      1. @fini:
        “Cute enough kid but tuneless crappy, derivative pop sounds just as shit whoever is coming out with it.”

        And you people talk about my negativity (and complaining even when I was just asking a question and was actually correct).

        I don’t know why you replied to me — I was just commenting on other Asian bands — not any individuals or their style/quality of music.

        1. It was not meant to be an individual reply to you just a general observation. I hit the wrong button. As I say he is cute looks like a young Thai boy I knew (who tragically died of Leukemia) but I can’t stand bad pop “music” as a front for what is really sexualized modelling.

          Oh well…

        2. @[To:] Fini & mattbod:
          I hit the wrong button.”

          So, which is it? Fini or mattbod? Troll the Internet much lately or just confine your trolling just to milkboys?

  2. The bloody nose is taken from Japanese Anime where, if a cute girl sees a drop dead gorgeous boy, she has a nose bleed. Bugger knows why. So has this little cutie just seen a drop dead gorgeous young stud?

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