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    1. Only Asa’s eyes are “gay themed”.
      Straight themed if you are a girl. ;)

      On another straight actor-gay crush note, Timothée Chalamet played Prince crowned King Henry V in the rather mediocre movie “The King” just out today.
      Better stick to Orson Welles’s “Falstaff” (AKA “Chimes at Midnight”). Or for gay themes, “My Own Private Idaho” with Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix, a loose and modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Henry IV.” Keanu Reeves’s character in this movie is the same Prince Hal that Timothée Chalamet plays in “The King.”

  1. I’ve always thought him as quite interesting, but, honestly, he really does need to work out some to improve his pecs (what there is of them).

  2. Do come back here to see this sweet thing. At the time, can not figure out the comments.
    THEN CAME YOU, the song [ 1974 ], comes on the radio, and, then, do remember.

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