The Year of Yuzuru

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Sweet, sweet babyface and prince on ice Yuzuru Hanyu had quite the year. But doesn’t he always? He’s still being the cutest, he’s still breaking world records left and right and that the only two people who seem to be able to–somewhat–keep up with his pace are his closest friends doesn’t hurt the mood either.

Picture & video via Vera. Check Beauty Hunter for another (cute) video.

Comments 4

  1. 😍Not only still a cutie but has kept good luck Winnie by his side all this time, how sweet is that?!

  2. Thank you Vera, thank you Josh.

    He is as exquisitely wonderful as ever.

    Happy new year everyone, even you htaerbsinep.

  3. What an adorable face. I would like to kiss his sweet lips and those glorious eyelids. Thanks for the many wonderful pictures on this site.

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