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    1. The dictionary definition of faggot is a small stick or branch used as kindling for a fire. In the UK, fag is slang for a cigarette. Gays were sometimes tossed on the fire used to burn a witch and eventually faggot came to be slang for a gay man in the US.

      1. I know of no authoritative source for the witch burning part, though that is what I heard or read somewhere a long time ago. I’ve read no other definition which ties gay men to the word for kindling. But there may be some connection in English public schools, though that would not explain how it became US slang.

  1. A fag or a cigarette is what queers use to elicit converse for sex. So do street whores still do. LIGHT MY FIRE is the trick, as tricks come be have that label or name. Jimmy Hendrix gets such a moniker from no where. “FAG” is what one poor house hen gives another to light the fire and get the fire burning. And any faggots’ fire at night might be not a show foe no bone is to know. O.E.D. can not be the only source of / for word “origins” nor word developments. Call it whatever, but, a fuck, suck, facial, ass, asshole, cunt, or a rub a dub dub, all are names for sex. QUEER is a WEIR and the O.E.D. has no source for such as street walking whores can attest. WEIRDO, FAG, QUEER, and plain OFF are sex words. If you like such not, the word is FUCK, anthe O.E.D. does never originally find ( another dictionary company does … mmmm ). [Walking the streets yields very little know of the real word but for its self.] et al & &c.

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