The Swedish Bath

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Good to have friends…

Warning: Bad video quality, loads of nudity & very loud, tipsy Swedes

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  1. Rub-a-dub-dub
    Three men in a tub
    And who do you think they were?
    The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker
    and later on the maid

  2. As Dan said, a nice, fun video.

    Three horny boys in a tub.
    Slipping and slopping around getting wet,
    And who joins them?
    A busty girl who is better at being just a pillow,
    watching how boys have fun with other boys.

  3. Off Topic:

    I thought I’d share some information for any of you who are following The Fosters TV Series:

    The Fosters, Season 3 will premiere June 8 at 8 PM (7 PM Central) on ABC Family channel.

    1. The Fosters’ Hayden Byerly & Gavin MacIntosh with Exec Prod Peter Paige and Bradley Bredeweg

    2. The Fosters Cast Teases Season 3, Jonnor & New Love Interests

    …….. and a really cute talk by Hayden Byerly about his acting:

    3. Hayden Byerly from ABC Family’s “The Fosters”

      1. @MR:
        “Hey you really good hooked there ;)” ……. Guilty. ;-)


        “The season finale was just cool wasn’t it? Jude was my hero when he stood up to Connors dad… and his “Warpaint” …. just cool…”

        Yes. “Warpaint” was pretty ingenious, I think and of course, so apropo.


        “And when they finally got reunited….just sweet…”

        Yes, I hope their relationship start showing real caring for each other and “love” (to a degree at that age).

        But, a bit of criticism ….. so far, there’s been no hugging or handholding (other than their pinkies) …. like in a public area and then they jumped right into a “kiss”. Maybe their pushing that aspect as well as calling the “gay card” just a bit too soon/fast. It will be interesting to see how they (producers/director as well as ‘Jonnor’) handle it at school when others discover the pairing. I could go into this a lot deeper, but that would be a bit long-winded in here, anyway.

          1. @ jokuihmemies:

            I just tried looking it up but didn’t see any DVDs available (yet) for 2nd Season.

            But I did see where you can stream each episode for US$1.99 each. I’ve never done this so I don’t know if you can save each stream on your HDD so you can enjoy them later.

            If the 2nd Season is not out yet, I’m sure it very soon will be.

  4. Video deleted … And WTF is pen boy waffling on about and nothing to do with this post ????????????????

    1. @Gavin:
      “And WTF is pen boy waffling on about …”

      Ask MR what that is all about ….. he gets it and I think appreciates what I posted (as a few others also). And, btw, you’re nothing like Gavin Macintosh.

      1. @Penboy

        actually as a really crazy fan of the show I had already seen all the vids before ;)

        and in regard of your criticism in the other post:

        There wasn’t any hugging and hand holding in public simply because of how the relationship developed ;)

        First they didn’t know their own feelings, then they didn’t know the feelings of the respective other and then they had to keep it secret because of Connors father, well at last until they both stood up to him: First Connor with his comming out and then Jude with his… well i wouldn’t call it a love declaration … let’s call it warpaint action ;)

        After that, they finally and officially declared that they are a couple and this is where we are left after the finale….

        The open hugging and hand holding and maybe kissing will have to wait for season 3 ;)

        Although I expect more kisses i don’t think we will see alot, because The Fosters as a show uses such scenes usually in special ways…

        The lesbian mums e.g. although a real couple don’t kiss all the time, well actually thats part of the realism, because couples just don’t kiss all the time after being together for a long time, but they still do it in special situations!

        And even the other pairings just don’t really kiss alot…

        All in special moments that are deserving for the audience :)

        The mums Stef & Lena may have kissed the most in the show, so i really can’t remember how often it really was, but the teenage couples we had & have in the show each have kissed maybe 5 or 6 times at most in total. And some of them are together for a longer time ;)

        If you sum this up I expect at most 3-4 Jude & Connor kisses in season 3A…
        (3A = next 10 episodes)

        But we will see at last one more, that’s for sure ;)

        And because of the laws and the age of the actors there wont be any kind of sex scene before season 6 (Hayden would turn 18) – should the show last this long, what i sincerly hope as a fan, but i honestly dont think so ;)
        (btw Penboy should I be wrong about this, I surely won’t complain ^^)

  5. Grrrrrr….. I put this on the come-back-and-watch-it-later pile and missed my chance. oO How likely is it to show up somewhere else later?

  6. A shame it was deleted, however it wasn’t exactly new either. Perhaps it’ll show up somewhere else in the future.

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    This video has been removed due to a breach of the Terms of Use.”

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