The Summer House

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The Larsens are a picture perfect family from the German upper-middle class. They have everything that means comfort and should mean happiness. Business success, a stylish, light-flooded home and a full scholarship for their daughter to study in England. However, the head of the family, Markus, an architect, lives a secret, bisexual double life as his wife Christine and their eleven-year-old daughter Elisabeth drown in unendurable loneliness.

Markus realizes that he has a strong yearning for one of his daughter’s school friends, Johannes, 12, also the son of his tax penalty-bedeviled business partner, Christopher. He succeeds in getting closer to Johannes and binds the boy to himself with ever-increasing intensity. His wife is desperately aware of the emotional distance of her husband, but only her daughter Elizabeth, reacting to the sexually laden atmosphere, sees through the lies and secrets that she instinctively knows to be an growing, disruptive threat to the entire family. As Markus loses control of the situation and in a final moment of strength, pushes Johannes away, the action nevertheless moves them all remorselessly into the abyss.

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  1. Interesting plot and could be real life. A mess of power relationships and relationship violations. One just can’t have it all. The hiding is poisonous to relationships, to the family. Shouldn’t always think with your cock.

  2. I saw the whole thing a year ago. It’s great to see a normal depiction of a normal man who likes a beautiful boy. Though, one must watch the movie right to the end to see what’s really going on…!

  3. This was a really good movie. I loved the give and take on the part of the two main characters – they are both as good and bad as the other in many ways and the end is, indeed, something you have to wait for to finally get it all. I especially appreciate the way this film avoids the cliche treatment of “little boys” and “old men” and so on — very well done.

  4. A bit on the side here, but once upon a time I was directed to a forum that provided chat, and DL-links to all possible indie/short/feature films with a coming of age theme among boys.

    I have sadly lost that link.

    Does it ring a bell for anyone here?

    1. Might be Boyhood Movie Download: currently (url changes from time to time)

  5. Well, he is cute, that’s for sure. Great that there are some who dare make movies like this. :)

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