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  1. Must be how the end of the production line sounds in a kielbasa factory. Hope this cutie realizes how nature has been very kind to him.

      1. Yeah, I’m not familiar with that term, either.

    1. To figure out what the other Nathan was talking about, I plugged “helicopter” into Urban Dictionary… and apparently it means making your willie whirl around fast enough that it makes a helicopter sound,

      Learn something new every day! :D

  2. Dissappointing.He doesn’t take of the towel completely to reveal his big cock.Anyhow got a view of his butt.Thanks

  3. no images, no sound, no tease, no thing
    why doesn’t it play while I click on ‘play’?

    1. The method being used for video is known by Milkboys to not work with the Safari browser. On the desktop use another browser. On an iPhone you may not have a choice, don’t know if Chrome on the iPhone uses a different renderer or not.

      On a laptop Safari makes heavy use of the hardware which reduces its energy draw. Hardware supports the MPEG suite of codecs because MPEG protects those who pay to use MPEG from being sued. Apple has chosen to not support some of the open source video codecs which don’t have hardware support (Apple also claims a concern over being sued if the open source infringes patents, Apple is a huge target for lots of reasons).

      Chrome supports more but tends to not use hardware as efficiently so it draws more energy.

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