The Singing Sailor

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A Swedish peace society has come up with a new way of fighting off Russian submarines in the Stockholm archipelago: a subsurface sonar system called ‘The Singing Sailor’, which sends out Morse code and features the message “Welcome to Sweden. Gay since 1944”. Read more…

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  1. There are going to be a lot of rogue Russian submarines in Swedish waters. So many of those boys are HOT and I am certain many are in the closet and would welcome a Swedish Bath and some Swedish Meatballs!!

  2. If the world could only. But even amongst the LGBT peoples there are violent disagreements, leading to fisticuffs. One being adding the L and the T to the GB label. Two, the age of consent, ‘boy’ versus ‘man, and sexual age. Three, ageism, looks-ism, and other ‘isms’ versus personal preferences. I have experienced all od these quarrels. And lost a few fisticuffs. :-) I am of sexual liberation. To me that means it is personal, not you if I do not like you. Others demand you if they like you. OH WELL…

  3. This is only extreme-peripherally [on] topic, but this is an awesome discussion by at least 3 of the science biggies that point out very well how the “cold war” can eventually be a great help to our societies:

    Neil deGrasse Tyson, Lawrence Krauss & Bill Nye – Our Future In Space

    So, maybe what Russia is attempting to do for themselves and therefore getting the rest of us involved may eventually lead to a good thing?

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