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  1. I remember being a horny 14 year old and watching this in introductory chemistry as a pre-lap precautionary video. I always thought, “why is the other boy still there watching him when everyone is supposed to leave the room?”

    I then saw this again earlier this semester as part of my Chemistry class in college, same situation.

    1. *pre-lab, apparently I still need to read things before I post. Although, pre-lap kind of fits, watching this made me take pre-lap precautions back then.

  2. Why can no guy in any kind of strip video (for whatever reason) manage to get his pants off without having to fight with one or both ankles. Not annoyed, just curious. Even in the most planned scenarios, this struggle with the pants bunched up around ankles occurs. It really isn’t that hard.

  3. That other boy planned the whole thing. He clearly spilled on purpose and stayed around for the show. :p

    1. Notice that the boy who spilled the liquid …… didn’t he get some on him as well? He should have been stripping off his clothes and joining the other under the shower.

      That way, both boys could eye each other (you know, to make sure everything was rinsed off).


  4. Imagine my conundrum: I work in a Lab with such a shower, but the majority of coworkers are women, so I’m not likely to have one of the guys such as this one helping me shower for the recommended 15 minutes :(

  5. I was watching this video, that’s the first time I’ve seen a shower in a classroom, I don’t know what does boy spilled on him that he had to get naked and get under the shower head.

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