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  1. Just another overly-sensitive, overly-analyzing overly pain-in-the-ass movie critic. Ever notice how these bigmouthed critics never write or produce their own movies? Gee whiz, with they all their self-proclaimed expertise, their flicks should be instant and immortal classics … LOL. This beotch needs to enjoy movies just for their entertainment value, and not try to squeeze them into her agenda, her graphs, or her politics. Otherwise, just STFU.

  2. Very good video with very good insight. But, a couple of things about _Love, Simon_ which she missed completely. She tried, at one point, when discussing the interracial plot, but she didn’t see (according to this video) the fairly obvious major problems with the plot of this movie:

    1. The entire interracial relationship was nothing but *tokenism* at its most obvious and worst. As played out (and because of the total lack of real characterization between Simon and “Blue”), it was totally wrong for the *character, Simon* to seek a relationship with a [black, latin, blatin?] and this played out with the voice-overs during the email exchanges. “Blue’s” voice went from ‘Bram’ [token] to ‘Cal’ [who should have been the love interest throughout] and even to Lyle [the waiter] — every one of them did voice-overs for “Blue’s” emails. So, which one was it? — Halloween Oreos? — Being in a cabin in the middle of nowhere? — Coming out to his dad [in the Waffle house]? This alone proves the tokenism of attempting a interracial relationship based on ’emails’ with nothing really to bond them together. And what about the Christmas Eve _near kiss_ from Cal [CGI?]? [We KNOW WHY that kiss didn’t take place — “Simon” / *Nick Robinson is ACTUALLY STRAIGHT and didn’t want to deal with kissing another male any more than absolutely necessary at the end of this movie*] ….. And speaking of “kisses,” those *PECKS* by Simon to Bram was sooooo lame trying to “glue this story together in a most incompetent way.” Notice the *camera angles* during those pecks? Camouflaged the fairly obvious distaste that Nick Robinson had for kissing another male _on camera / in public._

    Some of you are going to shout “racist!!!” about what I wrote. I’m not and it isn’t. What it is, is logical preferences. Is a black person who *prefers* a black partner a racist? *NO* Is a white person who *prefers* a white partner a racist? *NO* They are merely *preferences.*

    2. Another major flaw was ‘Martin’ actually knowing and “blackmailing” Simon just to get a date with Abby. Again, complete tokenism. Just compare this to others you’ve known in real life from high school. Would a nerdy white dude really be “into” a popular black girl? I think not. Again, not racism, but obvious preferences. [I could go deeper into both of these couples, but not here.] ….. OK, go back to where/when Martin sat down at the same computer desk that Simon used — HOW DID HE KNOW it was Simon? There’s NO INDICATION that he knew Simon sat there — he hadn’t LOOKED OVER to Simon while talking to the Librarian. And as far as opening up “Simon’s gmail account” — if it was a fake email account, then Simon’s name would never have been shown to Martin. He just happened onto a computer where [MAYBE] the screen was left on gmail — AGAIN, NO INDICATION at the computer that it was Simon. But, of course, *the SCRIPT* had him following Simon out of the library — and so soon after sitting down there? What was he supposed to be doing there in the first place? Checking emails? I think NOT.

    OK, I’m tired of typing right now. There’s a couple more points that I wanted to bring up — I’ll do a part 2 to this maybe tomorrow. So the whole “blackmail” sub-plot is asinine.

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