The Night is Dark

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Americans elected Donald Trump to be their president for the next four years. These are going to be long, hurtful years for members of the queer community in the United States and other people both in and outside the country.


Trump, a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the Unites States, has made it clear that he wants to assign judges to the Supreme Court that will overturn marriage equality, he supports “religious freedom” laws that allow for the discrimination of gay and transgender people, he promised to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act (“Obamacare”) which ensures that HIV-positive patients can afford their medication and he supports transphobic “bathroom laws”.

His Vice President Mike Pence is in favour of so called conversion therapy to “cure” gay people. Pence also signed a bill that would put gay people in jail for applying for a marriage license.

Hate crimes against both racial and sexual minorities are expected to increase in the wake of the election. Trump’s campaign was also identified as a key inspiration for a new wave of bullying against Muslim children in schools.

Trump’s first decision after his election was to put a climate change denier in charge of his US Environmental Protection Agency transition team. Other posts are expected to be filled almost exclusively with industry lobbyists. On the 28th of November the President-elect will have to testify in his fraud trial.

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  1. I was in a mild state of shock when I woke up this morning to find he actually won. It was hard to believe that so many Americans are that fucking stupid to vote for this total political IDIOT.

    He is a complete pawn for the FAR-RIGHT RELIGIOUS of the Republicans. That’s why Mike Pence is his VP — for the sole purpose of getting Pence into the Oval Office — just as soon as they can get rid of Trump:

    1. by resignation (he may resign just to avoid impeachment for his criminal acts which are on trial right now [Fraud, Rape of a 13 y.o.])
    2. by impeachment
    3. by assassination (if need be)

    to assure the first steps of tearing down of our Constitution (First Amendment, First Clause) [Separation of church & state] and instilling in anyway they can some sort of theocracy.

    This is NOT an exaggeration.

    1. Too many people that I have talked to think that all his bullshit was just that, and that he will not govern in that way. They are stupid people.

      1. @Lloyd:
        “Too many people that I have talked to think that all his bullshit was just that, and that he will not govern in that way.”

        NO, it’s not bullshit. He talked about “shaking up Washington” with “smart people I know” and “doing away with lobbyists” yet he’s hiring the very same people who he said he wants to remove.

        Have you seen his “short lists” of Cabinet appointments????? Here’s just a couple of samples:

        Sec. of Education: Ben Carson (you know, the sleepy candidate)
        Sec. of Interior: Sarah Palin (I shouldn’t need to describe this complete idiot)

        That’s just a SAMPLE. No, it’s not bullshit. He really IS STUPID about politics and government.

        “They are stupid people.”

        No, they’re not and his highly possible Cabinet appointments are proving this as I write this.

        Oh, and I almost forgot mention:
        His evangelical VP is heading up his entire Transition Team. Need I say more?

    2. I know people who hated government so much they just wanted to upend the board – so they voted for Trump.

      I have an existing condition. Michigan used to have an insurer of last last resort, so I could get insurance. The Republicans who took over the state dismantled that. So, I depend on the “no existing conditions exclusions” clause in the affordable care act. Trump has promised to get rid of it. So, for me this is a life or death issue.

      1. Cobra – While things look bad sometimes you still have to listen and see what develops. Trump and other Republicans have stated that one of the features they wish to see in whatever replaces it is the ‘no pre-existing’ thing. Obamacare cannot survive – it’s very badly put together, almost like it was deliberately built to collapse. The best way to do this is to get rid of it and then develop it’s replacement. If they keep it, basically they’ll be patching and ‘fixing’ something that will not work. If you want to be mad at anybody, be mad at Obama, he pushed this nightmare through and his own cost analysis people told them before it even passed that the figures eventualy would become so overwhelming that serious damage would be done to the US and eventually the thing would collapse. I think help is on the way.

    3. Look over you shoulder and see the Secret Service. You have committed a capital crime…………

  2. “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble, it’s what you know for sure, that just ain’t so.” – Mark Twain

    “God holds a Special Providence for drunkards, fools, and the United States of America.” – Chancellor Prince Otto von Bismarck

    “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.” – George Orwell

    “Democracy is the pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.” – H. L. Mencken

    “The amount of intelligence required to achieve ignorance can be immense when the need for illusion is deep.” – Unknown, but brilliant

    Never mind your fears and trepidations. It’s going to be alright. America will be relieved of the burden of illegal immigration, of ISIS-infiltrated and other unvetted hordes of Syrian refugees, of a stagnant and failing economy, of a nearly fatally weakened military, of an agenda-driven Supreme Court ruling in defiance of the Constitution, of murderous lawlessness on our streets, and we’ll “drain the swamp” of a thoroughly corrupted and ruthless establishment of government and corporate elites. We will be relieved of much higher taxes, tyrannical regulation, the fraud of climate change, and Draconian gun control. Donald Trump offers the greatest transfer of power from government to the individual since the American Revolution.

    Hillary Clinton was a thug who sold her office and exploited her corrupt charity for personal gain. But the worst thing was when, at a debate, she said a politician had to have a public as well as a private position on the issues. So, Hillary, when you gave us your opinion on a subject, without telling us whether it was your public or private position, were you lying to us, or to yourself? Add to that her preference for open borders, open trade, gun control, higher taxes, expanded government, and, her carelessness and incompetence with classified material, and it is self-evident that she could not be allowed to be President. She belongs in prison for her crimes and incompetence, but don’t hold your breath, that will never happen. Too bad.

    America dodged a bullet this election – but we’re not out of the woods yet. We labor under a crushing debt, and creating jobs for the millions of people Obama’s failed recovery has driven out of the work force will require capitalism’s finest hour. It will take years to de-Stalinize our country – to purge all the embedded totalitarian-progressives Obama has embedded in the civil service, military and judiciary.

    But begin we must. Trump is 70 years old, probably a one term President, and if he is to be succeeded by another Republican, Trump has to deliver on his promised policies. Even if he gets it only half done, it will be enough to Make America Great Again.

    1. Republicans’ LIES about Obama’s recession recovery

      an agenda-driven Supreme Court ruling in defiance of the Constitution
      It’s the Republicans who have the court agenda:
      Destroy Roe v. Wade
      Repeal marriage equality
      Destroy any and all gay-right’s legislations

      We will be relieved of much higher taxes, tyrannical regulation,
      And start another recession just like what we finally came out of.

      the fraud of climate change,
      That NO REAL scientist denies.

      Draconian gun control
      So that you can MURDER THOUSANDS MORE CHILDREN AND INNOCENTS by the mentally ill among you.

      Face it, horsey, you’re not just a LIAR, but an IGNORANT LIAR.

      1. Fox News and the Republicans have known for some time that Clinton would be making a run for President. They’ve spent years manufacturing a controversy. Investigating and investigating, always coming up empty. Her emails are available for everyone to see, her tax records are open, her charities books are open to the public, the results of her physicals available. With all that, nothing was found. The worst is that an old lady was careless with her emails. Her server was never hacked, but the State Department was

        Trump will not willingly make anything public. What little we know shows illegal charities, financial investments in Ukraine (not illegal, but a conflict of interest), rape, profiteering, fraud. Hopefully the FBI investigations already begun will reveal his ties to Russia. Unfortunately getting rid of him only puts Pence in place.

    2. Ultimately, it’s just plain sad that Hillary and Donald are the best their respective parties could come up with. Neither deserve the office and neither should have even been nominated, let alone elected into the office.

      But you know what, this is the best we can do, folks. We spent a year and a half winnowing down the candidates, the last six months of which were spent debating the merits of a giant douche and a turd sandwich. Garbage in, garbage out…

      The average American allowed the media to push these impotent fools onto us, just like we do every other election cycle, for every other office in every other jurisdiction in the country. Now the average American wants to bitch and whine and try to do something about it now that it’s too freaking late.

      As for people other countries complaining, there isn’t a country out there that has any room to speak, except maybe Canada. The UK’s dealing with the Brexit mess, the Euro zone seems to be one constant mess after another, South America has more going on then even they can keep track of….

      But you know what, I’m done. No, that’s not right…. I’m DONE. I no longer have a stake in society, I no longer care. Carlin was right and I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of vain, ignorant, greedy, SPOILED sheeple. Just do me a favor and put a bullet in my head first when you start pulling folk from their homes.

    3. Finally, someone with some common sense who didn’t fall for all the ridiculous rhetoric and absurd accusations against Trump. I’m gay and I’ve never been happier with the outcome of an election.

      1. All this catastrophe mongering seems evident of thinking with one’s emotions rather than one’s brains. We are changing Presidents and, so far, no one’s died. However, there are those of a certain ideological bent that seem to want that — and it’s not the Republicans or Trump voters. And it’s not Republicans or Trump voters that are beating people in public (like in Chicago) and destroying property. Vandalism is stealing and the assault and battery of the man in Chicago came this close to stealing one’s life. For those that think they know better, knowledge is useless without further understanding and acquiring wisdom. If you think you know, go to Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, etc. and see what happens when one gets their foolish wishes fulfilled. And if you go to Iran be very careful, you might be kidnapped and held for ransom…by the government. The power of government must be reduced and more focused on individual liberty not collective aggrandizement.

  3. How interesting that the man who claimed to extract the USA from the political and industrial elite is now populating his future government with that elite.

    Good luck, USA. Good luck the rest of the world. Bozo the Clown has his finger on the nuclear button.

  4. “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” — H. L. Mencken

  5. Cry me a river! Amazing how self-fooled lots of people are. Really tired of bashing peaceful christians and then you want muslims in your country. Get yourselves informed and then pick your battles.

    1. xtians maybe fairly peaceful in our country but in amerika they are despicable, uneducated, bigoted scum !

      Suck it up little butthurt leftie losers, its democracy stupid !

      Trumpton maybe an unmitigated arsehole but he’s not Billary.

  6. Well, I found the whole thing a bit vexing. There’s no way I could vote for Hillary, because… Hillary. That leaves Trump, who is, apparently, a turd sandwich. An apt assessment. My contention stands, that anyone who wants to be president doesn’t deserve to be president. All that said, the more outrageous aspects of Trump, the things which cause many to call him a clown, are some of the very things that were said of another leader who turned out to be just what their country needed. That was Churchill.

  7. I’m as depressed as anyone, but I don’t think he’s really very homophobic, he’s much too cosmopolitan; he’s been involved with too many gays in his business and social life his entire career. But all the cops and public servants who’ve been quietly seething about the “gay agenda” may no long feel the necessity to be quite so quiet about it. Pence and Co. is the real menace.

    1. Pence and Co. is the real menace.

      Exactly this. We can survive the idiocy of Donald Trump … he’s just a much richer and dumber version of Forest Gump.

      What we must worry about is Pence and his millions of evangelical soldiers, most importantly, the Republican “leaders” who essentially believe the same things he does. With a Republican Triad of government, this is the opening they’ve been looking for and we’ve handed it to them. Their sole intent is to make a christian theocracy of the United States and remove the Constitution (Article VI and First Amendment, explicitly) from their fears.

      If the current protests don’t have any effect in getting that pair out of office (I seriously doubt they will), be prepared for a slew of laws to remove the rights of most Americans and our minorities and a total takeover of America by the Corporations.

    1. “At least I’m on the right side of the border, eh?”

      As someone who lived in Mexico for several years, I’d say no. I love the idea of Canada, but the frozen reality is too much for me.

  8. We don’t know definitively whether or not Trump would actually pursue the reversal of any/all pro-gay rights laws including marriage equality. But we do know definitively that he can and will be manipulated by our religious far-right — that is evident by his VP selection and by the selection of his future short-list Cabinet appointees and others around him. (See about this.)

    Proof? “Vice President-elect Mike Pence is replacing Gov. Chris Christie as head of the team transitioning President-elect Donald Trump to the White House, Trump announced Friday. ”

  9. Better that a climate change denier be appointed than a climate change alarmist. Penboy says that “no real scientist denies” climate change. No real scientist does. The climate has been changing by very small degrees since the dawn of industrialization in the West. The important question is why the climate changes. There is no evidence that the climate has been affected by man-made means in this time. The climate has changed to a degree of under 5 per cent according to a statistic I heard, and done so by natural, as opposed to man-made, means. Climate change alarmists, to wit “radical environmentalists,” who run Congress or lobby it would severely regulate the production of fossil fuels. This is a huge mistake. In the words of Alex Epstein, who has written “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels,” which credential I provide to let you know that such a case *has* been made, fossil fuels are “the food for our food.” They power the agricultural industry. Let those who produce energy be as free as any other industry so they can peddle their life-promoting products!

  10. Is it entirely wrong to see (10 year old) Barron as a potential milkboy?

    Of course it will never happen, in that household; but Ronald Reagan did produce a ballet dancer son, which fits the profile, even though he is clearly not gay.

    Just saying, he’s a good looking lad, even though making him stay up to 3am, was perhaps not the best parenting decision. Saying that, if your dad was just about to become President, wouldn’t you want to stay up for it?

    1. “Is it entirely wrong to see (10 year old) Barron as a potential milkboy?”

      Milkboy? Meaning he will be a good looking teen in the years to come? ….

      or possibly with gay tendencies? Clarify.

      1. Considering the gene pool he’s a good looking kid (well he does have a hot mum). he’s blond and tall, and … well, he fits the profile.

        I know nor care anything about his sexuality, he’s ten for f… sake.

        But I know what I was doing at ten years old, and I suspect you were doing it tooo Pen…

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