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A ten-year-old pulling down a classmate’s pants would be considered a prank in most places. Not an excessively funny one, sure; but a prank nonetheless. Yet in some countries a mix of “zero tolerance” policies and the idea that our bodies are gross, disgusting things we have to hide and be ashamed of led to practise that ruins the lives of kids every day: They get placed on public sex-offender lists. And many of them will have trouble escaping that stigma for the rest of their lives.

15-year-old Christian from Alabama committed suicide after facing expulsion and registration on a sex offender registry for streaking during a high school football game

One morning in 2007, Leah DuBuc, a twenty-two-year-old college student in Kalamazoo, began writing an essay for English class that she hoped would save her life. She knew that people like her had been beaten, bombed, shot at, killed. The essay aired details about her past that she’d long tried to suppress; by posting it on her class’s server, where anyone who Googled her name could find it, she thought she might be able to quiet the whispers, the threats, and possibly make it easier to find a job. Her story, she warned, “is not a nice one, but hopefully it will have a happy ending.”

DuBuc had grown up in Howell, Michigan, a small town of berry and melon farmers. In high school, she had thrived. She had earned straight A’s, written for the school newspaper, led Students Against Driving Drunk (she voted to change the name to Students Against Destructive Decisions, she says, to stress that “there are lots of bad decisions that can get you killed”), and performed in “Grease” and “Once Upon a Mattress,” while working part time as a cashier at Mary’s Fabulous Chicken & Fish. “High school was bliss for me,” DuBuc said recently. “I tried not to dwell on the stuff that wasn’t good.” But, as she was about to start her freshman year at Western Michigan University, she got a call from a close childhood friend, Victoria, who asked, “Did you know you’re on the public sex-offender registry?”

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  1. The United States is sexophobic. That, combined with the police always looking to enforce laws to their fullest, and politicians pandering to the knuckle dragging crowd, has screwed up countless lives here. Same with the oppressive drug laws.

    1. Our country is not sexophobic at all, it’s GYNOCENTRIC. Our culture views sexual norms in ways that are good for most WOMEN AND GIRLS and bad for most men and boys.

      Men who believe the US is simply “sexophobic” or “puritanical” or in a “moral panic” have had their heads in the sand for 40 years. Read the news every day and see that feminist ideology of yesterday is the norm of today. It’s the marriage of the Christian and the “law and order” right wing with the profoundly conservative elements of the left wing women’s movements (anti-rape, anti-domestic-violence, anti child sex abuse, anti-“patriarchy” etc.).

      Occasionally this means a girl or a woman gets caught up in the crosshairs of gynocentric ideology, but even that’s not enough to make all the gynocentrists feel there might be something wrong.

  2. I often think of Limon ( who’s life was so fucked up by idiotic laws. Consensual sex by two teens should never result in a lifetime of stigma. Sex offender lists are idiotic and at the very least should have a annual renewal to allow for offender growth or societal attitude shifts.

      1. Are you telling me 300 million Americans are wrong? Don’t they seem to be nice and likeable people? God has endowed them with large brains and even larger hearts, as can clearly be seen. Without them, the world would be lost.

        1. “Are you telling me 300 million Americans are wrong?”

          What exactly are you trying to say? It looks just like some religious ramblings on. Clarify your “ideas”.

  3. I tend, generally, to oppose the death penalty. But every adult involved in the persecution of Christian should be taken out and shot.

    1. “persecution of Christian”

      Christians aren’t persecuted (here in America). As for the rest of the world, then there’s a very easy solution: Stop being religious.

      1. @Penboy
        “15-year-old Christian from Alabama committed suicide after facing expulsion and registration on a sex offender registry for streaking during a high school football game”

        ~Joe was referring to the boy named Christian who committed suicide not the religion of Christianity.

  4. To me the truly odd thing to me is that in many parts of the USA the law is that “If you thought the person was of legal age, even a fake ID, but turns out is not then your have committed a crime, and if you THINK the person is under age but is truly of legal age then you have also committed a crime.”

    1. Like everything else, under gynocentrism, it’s heads = they win, tails = we lose. It’s no different than a man calling the police to report domestic violence if his wife hits him with a frying pan. They show up and are obliged to arrest HIM.

  5. “It’s hard for people to change their minds when their livelihood depends upon this money stream,”

    And it becomes so much clearer just why this nonsense keeps happening.

    1. It’s not just the money stream of the direct actors, it’s the far bigger money stream going from MEN to WOMEN in our culture. This gynocentric regime cannot survive the central tenets of feminism being found false – and one of the biggest tenets is the notion of gender equivalence in sex – a notion which itself is complete bull**it.

  6. You know he is a very cute boy, I don’t think he showed got on the sex offender list, for streaking, what’s wrong with our love, I think they need to change some laws, I think some are very stupid and should not be a law, I think who made this law should be responsible for this voice death, or whoever put him on the sex offenders list, he’s a boy, boys don’t always make wise decisions they’re only human, we should all fights for them two change some laws, I think if we keep quiet there will be no changes, because we got some very stupid lawmakers anyways.

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