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  1. If what they say why it would be the last milkboy about it being too strong to parse for modern minds then we have fallen in a very deep hole.

    Why? It’s like the boys that refuse to wear a speedo because it’s too “small”. This is the pedophile paranoia biting us back in the ass. Now kids might as well walk around in a burka.(no offense to muslims intended.)

    1. I agree 99% of what you just posted with this difference: I don’t give a shit about the feelings of muslims (regarding their stupid “religion”).

  2. 😈Not to forget Breaking Boy News (2011 – 2014) which ran in blog form too which while being totally outlandish it was most interesting to read its weekly offerings on the web back then.
    Never did understand why the articles were mostly about boys being really bad, (criminal actually) but I suppose good boys are rarely reported on which they should be more often.

    Most if not all of these stand alone publications were available in PDF form in addition to print. Many are still available today for those who may be curious as Josh mentioned above for “The Lover”.
    ‘Destroyer Journal’ (NSFW) is still running but can be most offensive to many so please be advised before hitting the link:

  3. So does milk really build strong kids? Frankie isn’t much bigger now than he was in that ad.

    1. “Frankie isn’t much bigger now than he was in that ad.”

      Maybe not, but he was great in that series (and sooo cute) … along with his brothers and his dad (who’s had a very good career mixing drama and comedy since then!).

      I still remember very fondly of Frankie and that series. We need many more like him in this era of King Trump.

  4. I loved the show and I think Frankie is so cute. I remember the first time seeing that ad. My heart dropped to the bottom of my stomach and I gasped for air. So Cute!!!

  5. I got my first milk mustache when I was 11. Haven’t drunk milk since I was 3. I Wonder how I got the mustache? lol. Love cheese, yogurt, cream and butter however.

    1. “Haven’t drunk milk since I was 3.”

      Because you haven’t had the best, REAL milk: Straight [as it were] from the cow and cooled overnight in a filtered cooler, then getting a cup from it the next day with the tiniest slivers of “milk-ice” in it. Nothing better!

      I didn’t get to experience that until I was almost 16 yo — in a private boarding school.

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