The Language of Love

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“It’s not because he’s a boy… he just happens to be one. And I can’t figure out whether that makes it wrong or special”

Written and performed by 17 year old Kim Ho, it is about a boy at high school coming to terms with his sexuality and his love for his best friend, Sam.

Comments 5

  1. This is very good. I always enjoy watching this. And if you look at the YouTube site with this video, you’ll also see some other related videos to this one and are quite interesting as well.

    This is an “oldie” by milkboys, but definitely a “goodie” as well. Interestingly, I’ve not noticed or found any other gay-themed videos with this same style of narration (yet, anyway) and/or with similar feelings.

  2. No offence to Kim, who does a great job, but I’d love to see what Timothee Chalamet could do with this.

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