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  1. That is very clever, very cute and very well done. And a nice set of buttocks, too (even if they’re “invisible”!).

    Would love to see the …. let’s say, more visible (unedited or “R” rated) version.

      1. The film came out way before December, I saw clips on milk boys of it over a year ago.

      1. You wouldn’t happen to know where to find “The disappearance of Zack Butterfield.” Would you?

  2. As gorgeous as every inch of that boy is, his most striking feature may be those incredible eyes.

  3. to the topic: i would do some hero things aswell i would do little bad boy thingys too ^^

    1. “light would pass through your eyes without being focused on your pupils”

      Not to put too fine a point on it, but the pupils don’t do any focussing:

      In optical terms, the anatomical pupil is the eye’s aperture and the iris is the aperture stop.
      Which means that the pupil and iris only control the amount of light entering the eye to the retina (NO, NOT the apple iPad retina). The relaxing or tightening of the muscles around the iris change the size of the pupil, thereby regulating the amount of light that enters the eye, and reducing aberrations when there is enough light.

      You may continue with your sense of invisibility. :-)

  4. Just a bit of critical trivia:

    When he’s brushing his teeth, the camera pans to the mirror and shows the toothbrush with the bristles toward the “person” and then cuts to the boy with the toothbrush still in position of brushing with the bristles (obviously) inward in his mouth.

    Just trivia …… don’t go postal.

    1. I’m not sure I understand what you mean? To me it looks like the toothbrush is the same way in both shots.
      Do you mean that the bristles are facing towards the mirror when he’s invisible?
      It looks like the back of the brush head is white while the bristles are blue. So one might think it’s the wrong way around.

      1. I’ve seen various cartoons and films showing this problem with vampires looking in the mirror and trying to brush their teeth.

      2. @Konoha:
        “To me it looks like the toothbrush is the same way in both shots. Do you mean that the bristles are facing towards the mirror when he’s invisible?”

        Watch it again CAREFULLY. Notice when you first see his toothbrush, you see a yellow mark on the back of the brush/bristles.

        That’s ALL you SHOULD see in the mirror — it SHOULD reflect only what “it sees” — the BACK of the brush/bristles ….. but the mirror is “reflecting” the BRISTLE SIDE, NOT the backside.

        Watch it AGAIN.

        1. But the bristles are blue and the mirrors shows white, so it must be the back of the head that we see in the mirror. I think the yellow zig-zag is just too small to be seen at that distance.
          There are also yellow bristles amongst the blue ones, so if we were able to see the color patterns we’d be seeing yellow on either side.

          I also noticed that there is a brand name on the bristle side, but the name doesn’t show in the mirror, which tells me that the toothbrush is turned the right way.

  5. He is the most gorgeous creature of any gender, any species, any age, I have ever seen. And that adorable Italian voice! Absolutely perfect example of aesthetic, androgynous beauty.

  6. Ludovico’s sidekick, Enea Barozzi (in my opinion) quickly becomes the much better looking boy of the two though Ludovico perhaps remains more striking. I love young boys’ voices speaking foreign languages. I lived in Europe for 3 decades so it’s not new to me, but it remains special.

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