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  1. To repeat from an earlier posting, the legendary grey speedo boy was Pedro Delafuente, a Mexican exchange student at Coronado High School on Coronado Island, San Diego. The famous photos were taken at Newport Harbor High School, Newport Beach, California, during a water polo tournament in 2004. He is more likely to be 32 or 33 rather than 40. Apparently Pedro did not age well as a few other later photos will show. The original Scott Stanford GSB photos may be seen at:-

    Pedro’s avatar photo may be seen at his own site:-

    A very comprehensive collection of his photos may be seen at:-

  2. I have always wondered who he was. I bet he was the most handsome young swimmer that I ever saw.

  3. This sure brings back memories from the early 00s. I used to have hi-res versions of these and many others of the guy, but lost them with a dead hard drive at some point.

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