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A video of a 12-year-old, twerking and having a great time at a Pride is going viral. The short clip filmed at São Paulo Pride in Brazil last week was uploaded just days ago, but in that short time it has attracted a huge amount of negative backlash.

The boy is seen dancing in denim shorts to RuPaul’s Sissy That Walk, while being applauded by drag queens and revellers. Posted by Ovenworthy, they wrote: ‘This kid is such an inspiration! Progressives need to work together to create a whole generation of kids like this.’

But others were not so positive. While you should never go into YouTube comments looking for logic and reason, most of the comments were especially vitriolic. The comments may have been especially bad as the video was also posted onto a white supremacy website.

‘This is exactly what I expect from a gay pride parade,’ one said. ‘If you pay attention you will notice that the homosexual agenda very clearly focuses on converting children to homosexuality.’ Others claimed ‘his “parents need to be shot in the street” while others were calling to ‘kill the faggots’. ‘This is nothing new. This is what the Jew/white liberal celebrates,’ a commenter on that forum said. ‘This is why they have been pushing the faggots for so long.’

Hundreds of thousands gather every year in Sao Paulo for Pride, one of the largest LGBTI festivals in the world.

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Of course videos like these will always draw criticism, even from gay folks who argue that kids at that age have no idea what they’re doing and are being instrumentalized by the queer movement but personally I have to say that I knew very well what I wanted and who I was with 12 and I think it would be somewhat arrogant to just assume this lad isn’t doing exactly what he wants to do.

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  1. All I see is a young man dancing and having a good time. Only a sick mind would see anything else.

    1. I always find it fascinating how people go from “completely asexual” to “acceptable” by a certain age barrier, like turning a switch. And where should that line be anyway? The age of consent in Germany is 14, for example, if memory serves right.
      This is just so irritating for me. I mean would I wank to him? Nope. Would I sleep with him? Hell no!
      But still, he is not just cute, he is definitely sexy and appealing. (I mean his face, stature and, god help me, that haircut is awesome.) People simply aren´t completely asexual beings and, once they turn 15/16 whatever, transform “abra-cadabra” style. It is a gradual process for all around…

      As for the dancing, yeah sure he IS just having a good time and, as I said, it´s not like I´m sitting here with a boner watching that clip, but let´s cut the bullshit for just a second. He´s not dancing waltz, it´s twerking. Which is pretty much only about shaking / showing off your ass, isn´t it??

    2. ‘All I see is a young man dancing and having a good time.’ This.

      I think it bursts peoples bubble because it makes them confront how he might have some awareness of his own sexuality. The normative attitude is that he must be ‘innocent’ (ignorant), which is held up as this fetishized sacred object. His right to be free from lecherous interference shouldn’t be based in that conception though, just respect for him as a person with a relative lack of power, independence & decision making ability at his age.

      Some commenters on the youtube clip are saying he’s 9 not 12. I’d believe 9 over 12.
      Hope if he is gay he’s not bothered by all the homophobic attention. Be interesting to see what he has to say about it when he’s older.

  2. I’m just going to chip in with my opinion, and again keep in mind this is just an opinion, I do not know this kid and I do not know his parents and the environment in which he was raised in.
    I do not have any issues with 12 year olds coming out, in fact I do agree that for the most part your sexuality is something that you are born with and can do little to nothing to determine it yourself.
    My issue is the fact that it is an over sexualized dance, let’s be honest here if this was an older dude you would have every right to be turned on by the way he is dancing. At the same time his lack of clothes and the fact that he is only wearing a tight tiny pair of pants while humping the air adds to the over-sexualization of this 12 year old.
    I’m not scared of sex and I think sex and sexuality are beautiful things, I think it shouldn’t be taboo and kids shouldn’t be raised in an environment in which sexuality is seen as bad, however I do not feel like that should go to the extent of allowing a kid to dance in a very suggestive way, lacking clothes for the most part, in front of an adult crowd.
    I think most gay parades tend to be very adult oriented with very explicit material being displayed and that’s why I do have some objections regarding kids attending these. I sometimes wish that we could leave explicit material out of these parades and really make it about the other things that matter because being gay, bi, trans, etc. is not just sex and being sexually explicit.
    Anyway, that’s my opinion in a nutshell, I’m not trying to fight anyone and I’m open to a respectful conversation.

    1. “My issue is the fact that it is an [oversexualized] dance, …”

      Pssst ……. lean in closer so you can hear …….

      ALL DANCING is “oversexualized” — either you’re moving your body in an obvious “oversexualized” way to express what you feel is “your” sexuality (“fast” dancing) …… or putting your hands on places of the other body which also expresses your sexuality (“slow” dancing).

      Minors grow up in most societies where “sexualization” is not only expressed by many ways, it’s also encouraged in those same ways and more. So, minors have learned and will learn to express their feelings and, yes, their own “sexualization” by whatever they feel appropriate at that time and place.

      I know the crazy religious will always attempt to assert that minors are NOT “sexual” but, in fact, are very sexual in their very nature of being human (just another animal, but also the most sexually aggressive animal evolved). To deny this is to show your extreme ignorance of what humans are all about (at least the biological side).

      Also, this boy clearly shows he’s entering the incredibly diverse “world” of puberty where humans become even more curious of themselves and other humans around them and also where they desire to express themselves in such a way to show their “uniqueness”.

    2. I’m pretty much in agreement. My thing is that I don’t know enough about Brazilian culture (I know its more liberal in its sexualization than the US) and I don’t know his family’s culture, so I wave off my cultural judgements and hope he was having fun.

    3. To paraphrase Franklyma above; you are perhaps made uncomfortable “because it makes {you} confront how {this kid} might have some awareness of his own sexuality.

      Yes it is sexual. It is part of learning oneself, of learning about sex and sexuality and your place therein. The problem isn’t that he is learning, it is that we have come to accept delaying that education until much older. In my opinion too old. As others have hinted at it seems society expects us to just suddenly know ourselves, our sexual identity and sexuality, upon reaching a certain teen age. Learning anything, math, science, history, sexuality… it is a gradual process that takes time. We don’t expect people to suddenly know trigonometry at age sixteen, we start with basic addition as a child. Sexuality should be no different.

      And again to paraphrase Franklyma; {we} just respect for him as a person with a relative lack of power, independence & decision making ability at his age.

  3. He is a little cutie and I hope he grows up safe and strong.

    The fact he is twerking at a Pride Festival doesn’t mean he’s gay, no one here knows his story, he could have gone with his gay parents and is just having fun.

  4. ” ‘This is exactly what I expect from a gay pride parade,’ one said. ‘If you pay attention you will notice that the homosexual agenda very clearly focuses on converting children to homosexuality.’

    “Homosexual agenda” — Only the ignorant can come up with this bullshit. Let’s see ….. I’m gay, so I want to “convert” all you heterosexuals to homosexuality ….. you know, so that there will never be any more heterosexuals left in the world to repopulate and create more homosexuals ….. you know, the only way there can be any future homosexuals.

    1. Sorry, I forgot to add the most obvious …..

      ” the homosexual agenda very clearly focuses on converting children to homosexuality.’ ”

      I wonder if he means just like how the religious focuses on [read: forces] converting children to their bullshit religion?

  5. South American culture differs from North American and European countries. They have carnivals and celebrations and it’s normal to participate and dance in the streets. To those saying this boy must be gay or has been brainwashed in order to be participating in a gay pride event is highly presumptuous. Not all who attend pride events are LGBT, just as not all who attend St. Patrick day parades are Irish. He probably dances at every celebration there in Sao Paulo.

    1. ❦Seriously people the kid’s just having fun and enjoying the attention too!
      Try searching ‘boy’s twerking’ on the net and you’ll see that he’s mild compared to some yet anything’s a major improvement over that wanna-be-ho MC!

  6. “While you should never go into YouTube comments looking for logic and reason, …”

    And we should never use the INTERNET “looking for logic and reason”??

  7. I’m not quite sure what is going on here, but I downloaded 2 versions of this video because I installed 2 different video downloaders in Firefox 38.

    The first d/l was pretty good VISUAL quality but no sound with it.

    The second d/l was CRAPPY VISUAL quality but has the sound with it.


    1. @Penboy

      Just keep the visual one! :-P LOL

      So it was posted on a weird power website? And they are afraid of the future? More power to that kid.

  8. It’s also possible some part of the explosion of negative comments on that page are from government propaganda astroturfing of the sort that is exposed here:

    …which isn’t to say the Russian government-paid trolls are specially focusing on tearing down homosexuality, they’re mainly focused on tilting world opinion favorably over to Putin’s side, geopolitically and philosophically, with the anti-homosexual thing being a side issue and maybe a minor means to an end, but we DO know how much Putin’s government doesn’t like the gays, so almost certainly the trolls would be influenced in that direction, too.

    Mind you, while they’re probably the only one so disliking of homosexuality, Russia isn’t the only government with its own astroturfing troll army:

    That said, its not just governments doing this astroturfing thing:

  9. Hard to believe all the stupid negative comments about this boy and gays in general.

    A huge number of kids 16 yo and younger down to even 8 or even 7 yo mimic what they see in public, TV, movies and now, the Internet, including YouTube.

    There’s nothing abnormal about young kids mimicking so many others ….. it’s been going on for decades at the very least. After all, don’t parents want their kids to mimic them? Of course they do ….. this is not different than what parents want.

  10. @Penboy, “There’s nothing wrong with mimicking …”

    From the earliest possible age, we learn by mimicking, as do all primates, particularly the great apes. Generally speaking, once we have learned, by mimicking, what to do and how to do it, we then progress to learning, greatly, when – and when not – to do it, by trial and error, i.e. particularly with youngsters, by “pushing the boundaries”. Eventually, we find our own way of going through life in a way that suits us and, sometimes, to hell with others, especially when their vile censureship is unreasonable and unsupportable in any real or sane fashion.

    I certainly knew what it was all about, what I wanted and with whom, when I was 12, and even younger – I actually remember “doing it” at 4 years old (with my peers!) and wanting more, and still knew, even so young, that it had to be “secret” to be safe! I certainly knew it was not just illegal (I was, legally, a criminal from the day I was born, when just being gay, never mind doing anything about it, was a criminal offence, until the age of 19, when it was decriminalised!), but it was also so deeply socially unacceptable that exposure/discovery would literally have seriously endangered my life, even as a pre-pubertal kid!

    I wish this beautiful young man in Brazil, and all others across the world, all the best in their lives and, in particular, I wish they could all grow and mature in an environment free of the ignorance, prejudice, cruelty and fear into which I was born!

  11. I don’t see any problem. I was sexually active with guys from the age of 9. Anyone surprised by that is actually fairly clueless. Sorry about that. If I’d had the opportunity when I was twelve to dance my ass off I sure as hell would have.

  12. The key here is that WOMEN who behave like this when they’re 12 often look back on it wishing they hadn’t done it, while MEN who did so look back with fondness!

  13. I must say that I did NOT know what I wanted at age 12 (and until much later) and now, as I’m in my thirties, wish I had. I have had very little experiences to this day and I think that it is, for the most part, because of my shyness and lack of self-confidence, in part caused by sexual oppression in society in general and of homosexuals in particular.

  14. My earliest age of “consciousness” about preferring other boys and penises was in the 4th grade when I “followed” a boy into the school bathroom because he was so good looking and standing right next to him at the urinals (at that time, there were no ‘partitions’ between them) and of course, I peeked over at his penis — I just had to see what he had. It was the first time I can remember seeing an uncircumcised penis and I was totally fascinated by it — because of the skin which I no longer had (mostly**), how large his penis was (compared to mine and most others in our gym class), how “smooth” his penis looked (no noticeable veins or anything else that I had noticed with others) and because he was so damn good looking — he had such a “smooth” appearance to his face.

    And I never “looked back” — I made it my own personal goal to see as many penises as I possibly could (without being thrown in jail) and to study the physical and psychological make-up of other boys and later men (particularly Asians and Latins). My curiosity was so incredibly intense from then on.

    ** I’m only “half” circumcised (approximately) — I still have about half my skin left — either the doctor was “Dr. Fumblefingers” or knew exactly what he was doing when he performed my circumcision (thanks, parents for not thinking and your stupid catholicism!! [sarc]).

    1. @Penboy

      I’m almost certain I read your post verbatim in Nifty recently. Were you the author or did you plagiarize by doing an unattributed copy/paste? I may be wrong.

      At any rate, regarding this twerking boy, I wonder if this is how Jesse Starr got his ‘start’?

      Adorable boy for sure…

      1. “I’m almost certain I read your post verbatim in Nifty recently. Were you the author or did you plagiarize by doing an unattributed copy/paste? I may be wrong.

        You are most definitely wrong. I’ve never posted anything in “Nifty”.

  15. First of all the name of the city is São Paulo and not Sao Paolo (I live here).
    Second of all, most of you have a stereotyped view about South Americans in general and Brazilians in particular.
    Most Brazilian people became shocked with this scene, is far from being ‘natural’.
    Personally, I find hard to believe the boy is twelve, he’s definitelly younger; and sexualize a child, any child, is disgusting. A girl shaking her ass imitating Beyoncé or a boy grabbing the crotch like Michael Jackson is as disgusting as this scene.

  16. Whats disgusting is a culture that makes kids idolize people, who make their money from shaking their behinds – not kids shaking their behinds, how are they to know any better.

    Then again, whats even more disgusting is, people getting disgusted about what other people do, when this does not affect other people.

    So let’s hope that this boy continue having fun shaking his behind, and that it never becomes his moneymaker.

  17. I remember the kid at the baseball game last year who took his shirt off and started a fairly sexual dance, and everyone thought it was so funny and cute. He even made the news! I wonder why the uproar about the kid today… oh wait, the difference is that last year’s sexual dancing kid was at a sportsmatch, and this year’s kid.. is surrounded by homosexuals, and that can’t be right..

  18. That the boy performs here under supervision is obvious. He may or not be ‘gay’ — but that is not relevant. He may or not be ‘controlled’ — versus just being paid to perform. His hip thrusts repeatedly and he vibrates his pelvis and I figure he is well practiced and has help with it all and at how he does it all — and that may be all it is, a little boy dressed a certain way and decorated a certain way and trained to do a set of funny motions in a public performance. DUH. What do we all know ???

    I remember a gay event in Rio de Janeiro years ago where two boys were cocained and butt fisted and raised up on a lead performers fore-arms. That is not here. !!!

    And, remember, this is BRAZIL … not the North Americas/USA/EU/Asia/China.

  19. I spend a lot of time in the Philippines and kids there do this a lot. And I’ve been to BBQ and parties and been told by the parents oh he’s gay. I’m like but he’s what 6 or 7 they say yes but he’s gay It’s in the mannerisms. It doesn’t mean they’re humping with boys Just that no one is surprised when they do My own nephew is 6 and wears blue nail polish. He was given a train set for Xmas. He wouldn’t play it and preferred his sisters barbie and tea set. His dad is a homophobe but I’ve chatted to mum and she agrees he’s gonna be gay. So what? Me personally I was in denial until I was maybe 14 or 15 but looking back I was checkin boys out at about the age of 10 or 11. I wish I was growing up in this generation instead of having spent most of my life hiding behind doors So good on this boy. I hope he dances his ass off for years to come.
    And I notice that boys in Asia and Hispanics look much younger for their ages than western boys. So if they say he’s 12 or older I don’t doubt that for a second

  20. I think this 12 year old boy he’s cute, now he knows how to dance good, I was looking at his butt and he sure nose how to check it daring a dance.

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