The Babysitter

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Fresh to Netflix this week is The Babysitter from the minds of McG and Brian Duffield. While the film is a really fun watch, it at times does give a little wink and nod to the holiday classic Home Alone. Don’t be fooled though, The Babysitter is more than a slapstick romp.

At the heart of this film is a 14-year-old underdog named Cole. The script taps into the audience’s adult memories of being a socially awkward kid and finding comfort with the incredibly fun and exciting older babysitter. In the film, said babysitter, Bee, is just that.  Everything, especially for a young boy, a kid can dream of. Bee is beautiful, funny and always has Cole’s back, or so he thinks.

Cole discovers a very dark side to Bee and her satanic friends. Which sets off the terror, gore, and hilarity. The balance of executing a horror comedy without being too “jokey” is not an easy task. McG pulls it off exceptionally well with The Babysitter. The sharp wit and biting sarcasm of the ensemble cast of teenagers, along with the standout performances of the actors make the movie one the audience actually cares about. If you’re looking for a comedy to celebrate the Halloween season, The Babysitter is on Netflix now.

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    1. Its Halloween, and this is a blog focusing on teen boys. This is a film about a teeny. How is this at all out of context for this blog that you would think its an AD?

    2. If Josh chose to monetize this site, I’d be all for it as long as the ads are not intrusive and curated to provide useful information to us, the readers. There IS a direct financial cost to provide this sort of information, not to mention the time required.

  1. Watched this, really fun popcorn horror flick. Whats interesting is the boy actor in this clearly is a better actor than everyone else in the film, and he really brings up the film quality. Keep an eye out on this kid, he is cute and extremely talented- he will be famous soon enough.

  2. I love that movie, it’s quite funny from start to end, including the gory parts.
    Probably won’t make it top of the list, but it’s very watchable.

    1. yeah i saw Demolition a few days ago and although the movie is not great Lewis plays an interesting part and he does it well. A post on Demolition would definitely fit in Milkboys, by the way…

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