That Cake’s pretty gay

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While the US are debating whether or not a bakery has to provide cakes for gay couples, a bakery in Canada is doing one better. A man from Ontario wanted to celebrate his engagement to his partner;  what better way to do that than with a cake? He called up Cake & Loaf, a local bakery, and request the GAYEST cake they could make. Without hesitation, and with much excitement, they said “We’ll do it!” This is what he got:

In celebrating my engagement to Jared Lenover (It's been a year… 8 months 'till the big day!!) I wanted to get him a…

Posted by Chris Farias on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Comments 7

  1. Definitely something to remember fondly. No surprise that Canadian baker will do it, when US one won’t. Well done that baker. Best wishes to the two engaged

  2. I don’t see anything on Firefox, is this for Twitter or Facebook users only?
    Looks like it works on Chrome.

    1. “I thought it was a Unicorn horn!”

      OK, go ahead and think it’s from a Unicorn …………. just be sure to let us know if you see Tom Cruise peeking through your window …………

      https [colon] //www [dot] youtube [dot] com/watch?v=mPYjiZLwIp0

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