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  1. ❦Perfectly Lovely…

    The original caption read:
    “In all this big wide thirsty world…there’s nothing like that great taste of Coke”
    Central Park, Coca-Cola, 1956. For McCann Erickson.
    Photo William Helburn

  2. This is a GREAT photo!! This is so much like me after graduation (I would be on the left) — this easily looks like it could have been in my hometown in Colorado (they’re all so much alike in this respect).

    My only “complaint” — it’s too bad it hasn’t been “protected” so that the yellow wouldn’t fade as it has now (yellow is the first color to fade out in all of Kodak’s color films — particularly slides/transparencies). I may “play around” with this and see if I can ‘restore’ the yellow and make it look more like its original.

    Thanks for this …… such memories!! Even though I no longer drink Coca Cola and similar sodas — they’re so much like poison for the body over time.

    1. That’s worse: too dark and too green for my taste. Just make it into a black and white, maybe sepia toned?

      1. @Ramadan:

        I stated that it isn’t “perfect” …. but it’s hardly “worse” — you need to think about how you look at images. There’s room for improvement as I said, but it’s better than looking at a overall bluish/violet tone that removes the “humanity” and reality from the boys’ skin tones (at the very least).

        Try learning a bit more about photography and basic colors as well.

          1. So am I …. and as I said, you need to learn more about photography and basic colors. And I added the contrast intentionally because when a photo starts fading color, the original contrast begins to fade as well. I only spent a couple of minutes on this photo just to get the improvement.

            Anyone can see that the added slightly greenish tone & contrast is more appealing than the original photo above.

            You have a lot more to learn about colors, contrast and photography.

      2. “Just make it into a black and white, maybe sepia toned?”

        If you want it that way, then YOU do whatever your “tastes” deem.

          1. @Ramadan:
            “yawn yawn what a bore you are…”

            Profound! Shouldn’t you be re-tweating this all across social media ….. along with the likes of … ” baby mary needs her diaper changed”?

            Boring you may think of me, but I at least show some intelligence of the profession I was in for most of my life. You might think about that.

            Boring? Isn’t it the Brits who most people say cook and serve the blandest food throughout the northern hemisphere? I mean, just how many ways can you chop, slice and cook a potato? It took Belgium to come up with “french fries” and America to make it so popular throughout the world.

            Cheers. And have a chip while you’re at it. :-)

  3. it’s cute but you can easily tell it’s a commercial. i mean, did you ever try drinking while lying down like that? it’s really uncomfortable and potentially dangerous.

  4. Yes, its a commercial! If the kid on the right took his tongue out of the mouth of the bottle he would soon have Coke bubbling out of his nose!!

    But wait – even in the 50’s, people like Coca Cola; who created the roly-poly red faced Santa Cause images as we know them today, would be careful to NOT EVER depict anything that was offensive to conservative family values.

    So this picture serves as a valuable “peg in the ground” to record that 60 years ago it was perfectly OK for two boys to hang out together, bare flesh touching bare flesh, innocent feet tapping each other, linking the Coke product with healthy, trusting, intimate, friendship between boys.

    This peg in the ground confirms my ancient recollection of innocent times.

    What say you, Horselips?

    1. Yes, “innocent times” was my immediate reaction too. But were they really? We were assumed to be innocent and therefor could have lots and lots of undercover fun without much close supervision or suspicion.

  5. Is he going to drink the entire bottle? :p Or his face would be all sticky from the Coke, or he has to get up, and sometimes that isn’t easy. (jokingly said)
    Beautiful picture anyway!

  6. @Al Bendova
    ❦Excellent, I thought the same and never once thought about composition, spillage,
    or why the grass was yellow and there were leaves on the ground…
    Oops I did think about that one! Was it cold in the Fall in Central Park with just shorts on for the blond, was it rough on his tender back, did they both enjoy the shoot, could they have been friends and not just two models?
    Yes, thanks milkboys, that was a very nice post!

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