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  1. They BOTH seem to be ‘eyeing’ the same thing…

    If this is an afternoon date, I’d like to see what happens later in the evening.

    Hot boys!

  2. This is a very nice photo showing if not ‘tenderness’, then at least peacefulness.

    I’m going to combine a portion of a couple of the above comments:

    “Sort of makes me think of the [Jonnor] relationship in a way. . . . They BOTH seem to be ‘eyeing’ the same thing…”

    And a question somewhat applicable to the above:

    When is The Fosters going to address the obvious “elephant in the room” with those two characters that they are now labeling “gay”? [Though starting with Series 3, that will become more like the “herd of elephants in the room”. ]

  3. This photo is so very beautiful; I just want to reach out and hug them both ever so tenderly.

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