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  1. Nice and ‘tender’ ….. and a very nice example of without and with color [skin]! I’d prefer that on the right. :-)

  2. Very nice, but the photographer Matthew Kulisch on his tumblr has a dim opinion of people who use his work without attribution. A link or two may be in order.

    1. Actually if you read what he posted about this image he is upset that the image was edited to have the Eiffel Tower included, cropped and the watermark removed. He did not mention using it in its original format. He really does not speak to using the original. Leaving the watermark gives him credit but it would be nice to intentionally give credit to the photographer.

      Hey all. Recently, I’ve seen this image of mine floating around Tumblr in a modified way: cropped, with an super-imposed image of the Eiffel Tower added, and with the watermark removed.

      It pisses me off when people do this—and thankfully the original poster’s blog has been nuked. But that makes it a lot harder to stop the spread of a modified image.

      Can you guys keep your eyes out for the fake one? You can always point people—who like the image—here, so they can still support.

  3. Such a beautiful tender scene as they hold each other close; their slender bodies are gorgeous.

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